How do I change brightness on an L5200 Control Panel?

Is your Honeywell L5200 LYNX Touch alarm panel too dark or too bright? When at the home screen click the 'Security' icon. Then click 'More' on the bottom right followed by 'Settings.' Here you will find a slider bar that will easily adjust the brightness of the screen.

Keep in mind that the backlit touchscreen display may seem much brighter at night without other lighting. For users that prefer to keep it bright during the day but find its bothersome at night there is a great solution. Adjust the brightness using the slider bar based on when you are in front of the panel using the system. Then you can set the 'Backlight Timeout' option to 30 seconds. This will automatically turn off the backlight (making the panel completely black) if there is no use for 30 seconds.

Enter panel programing by entering the following button sequence: Tools + Installer Code (default - 4112) + Program + Down Key + System Settings + Backlight Timeout. The Backlight Timeout selection is set to 'No' by default. Simply click on the field and it will toggle to '30 Seconds.' Make sure to save the change by pressing the save icon on the bottom right. Then back out of programming to the home screen. Always allow the installer to re-enter when prompted. Leave the screen untouched for 30 seconds and ensure that the backlight timeout feature is working properly.

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