How Do I Change The Installer Code On The Vista 128BPT?

Users must enter the programming mode to change the installer code on the Honeywell Vista 128BPT control panel.

From the Vista keypad, enter into the programming mode by entering the existing 4 digit Installer Code + [8] + [0] + [0] + [0]. Enter all the numbers in a row without pausing. The factory default installer code for the Honeywell Vista BPT control panels is 4140. Press star (*) followed by 00. The installer code can be changed in this mode. Enter a new 4 digit installer code.

The installer code is a level 0 code and is User number 1.

The installer code is the only code that can be used to enter programming mode.

The installer code can perform all system functions like arm, disarm, bypass, etc., but cannot disarm the system if the system was armed by another code or by Quick Arm. The installer code can also add, delete and change other codes and can select Open/Close reports for any user. Installer Open/Close reporting selected in field ∗39.

The Installer Code can be prevented from re entering the programming mode by pressing star (*) 98 when exiting the programming mode.

There is also the Installer Code Lockout option. If the Installer Code Lockout option has been enabled, the installer may enter the program mode only for a period of 24 hours. Once the 24 hour period has expired the installer can only enter the program mode if the master code user first enters the code plus pound (#) followed by 65. This will open another 24 hour window in which the installer may enter program mode.

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Hi Allen, You can use the backdoor method
Does anyone know how to get back to programming mode if the *98 was used to exit the programming on Vista 128bpt ?
I'm not familiar with the VISTA 120dp. Are you sure that's the model number of your system?
I am using vista 120dp panel and 6160 keypad I want to change the hardware type how can I change it
Yes, it is the first programming field available (00).
I find the installer code inside the programing?

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