How Do I Change The Report Code On A Honeywell L3000?

To change a report code on a Honeywell L3000 control panel, users must enter star (*)56 Enhanced Zone Programming Mode.

To enter programming, enter the 4 digit installer code followed by the numbers 800 (Honeywell’s factory default installer code is 4112). If the factory default code is not working, power the L3000 control panel completely down by unplugging the AC cord and disconnecting the panel battery. Power the panel back up and within the first 60 seconds, press and hold both the star (*) and the pound (#) keys until the number 20 flashes on the screen. Users can change the installer code by pressing [*20] and entering a new four digit installer code.

Once in *56 enhanced zone programming, the keypad will display the first of a series of prompts. The left column identifies the prompts and the right column provides an explanation of the entries and lists the available entries.

Enter the report code for the zone. The report code consists of 2 hexadecimal digits, each in turn consisting of 2 numerical digits. For example, for a report code of "3C", enter 03 for "3" and 12 for "C". If this is zone 95, 96 or 99, the system skips to the voice descriptor prompt, 1C. Press the star (*) key to advance to the next field or the pound (#) key to return to the previous prompt.

If “00” is entered as the first digit, there will be no report for that zone.

Selections are:

00-09 = 0-9

10 = A

11 = B

12 = C

13 = D

14 = E

15 = F

Report Code Formats:

3+1 and 4+1 Standard Formats Comprise a 3- (or 4-) digit subscriber number and a single digit report code (alarm, trouble, restore, open, close, etc).

3+1 and 4+1 Expanded Formats Comprise a 3- (or 4-) digit subscriber number, and a 2-digit report code. The first digit is displayed on the first line, followed by a second line where the first digit is repeated 3 (or 4) times and followed by the second digit. This is the “expanded” digit.

4+2 Format Comprises a 4-digit subscriber number and 2-digit report code.

Reporting Format “new” or “restore”, 3-digit event code, and 3-digit zone number, user number or system status number.

The following table shows the message formats for 3+1, 4+1 and 4+2 reports, where:

SSS or SSSS = Subscriber ID C = Close Code (1st Digit)

A = Alarm Code (1st digit) U = User Number (in hex)

Z = Typically Zone Number* (2nd digit) Gg = Test Code (1st & 2nd digits)

Tt = Trouble Code (1st & 2nd digits) R = Alarm Restore Code

Bb = Bypass Code (1st & 2nd digits) RTt = Trouble Restore Code (1st & 2nd digits)

EAC = AC Loss Code (1st & 2nd digits) RBb = Bypass Restore Code (1st & 2nd digits)

LLB = Low Battery Code (1st & 2nd digits) RAAC = AC Restore Code (1st & 2nd digits)

O = Open Code (1st Digit) RLLB = Battery Restore Code (1st & 2nd digits)

Zone numbers for: [*] & [#] = 99; [1] + [*] = 95; [3] + [#] = 96; Duress = 92

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