How Do I Connect an Interlogix Simon XT to Phone Line Monitoring?

You can connect an Interlogix Simon XT to phone line monitoring by first directly connecting the phone jack and the alarm system. You must then program the number for the central monitoring station into the system. Lastly, you must configure any reporting options for the Simon XT System.

Users should be aware that using a phone line with an alarm system is strongly discouraged. Telephone service is an outdated and archaic technology for alarm systems. It is not reliable, the connection can easily be physically tampered with, and the communication speeds are relatively slow. Additionally, traditional telephone service is not compatible with any interactive services like However, for users who do still want to use phone line monitoring, it is still technically possible.

Complete the following steps to connect an Interlogix Simon XT to phone line monitoring:

1. Obtain alarm monitoring. Even though POTS (plain old telephone service) is the most limited and basic type of monitoring available, an alarm monitoring plan is still needed. If you are using Alarm Grid, the Bronze Level plan will suffice. Check out our monitoring page for more information.

2. Wire the connection. Connect the Simon XT Panel to the existing phone service. For proper, uninterrupted communication line seizure is required. An RJ-31X jack is included with the Simon XT. Connect the wires as shown below. The panel's input for the telephone connection is found inside the Simon XT System. The panel must be opened up for you to access this port.

3. Program the dialer. When the Simon XT System reports an alarm, it will send a signal via phone line to the central monitoring station. The central station will have its own unique phone number for the Simon XT System to dial. The system must be instructed to dial this number.

Starting from the main screen of the Simon XT, keep pressing the down arrow until you reach "System Programming". Then choose this option by pressing the "OK" button. Next, enter in the Installer Code for the system. By default, this code is set to 4321. Press the "OK" button once you have entered in the code. If it was entered in correctly, you will access the System Programming Menu.

From this menu, keep pressing the down arrow until "Phone #s" is displayed. Then press the "OK" button to select this option. On the following screen, use the up and down arrows to scroll between the different selections. A total of four different phone numbers can be set up with a Simon XT Alarm System. These numbers are appropriately labeled #1 through #4.

Phone numbers #1 and #2 are used for communicating with the central monitoring station. If you are setting up alarm monitoring with a central station, make sure to choose one of these numbers. If you want the panel to contact a user's phone number directly during an alarm event, choose phone number #3 or #4. A central station telephone number should not be assigned to option #3 or #4. With the desired number highlighted, press the "OK" button to continue.

Next, use the numeric keypad on the panel to enter in the appropriate telephone number. If you are setting the system up with a central station, they will provide you with the correct number to use. Make sure to put a "1" in front of the area code so that the panel can dial out correctly. Once you have correctly entered in the phone number, press the "Status" button to back out to the previous screen.

4. Adjust the reporting options. Use the up and down arrows to locate the option for "Reporting". Then press the "OK" button to select this option. Use the up and down arrows to locate the option for "Rpt Comm Mode", and then press the "OK" button. Use the up and down arrows to scroll between the four possible phone numbers (#1 through #4). Find the number that you programmed earlier, and then press the "OK" button.

You can use the up and down arrows to toggle between different menu options. If you are configuring the system to communicate with a central station, choose "All CID". Then press the "OK" button. But if you are setting up the system to contact you during an alarm event, choose "Voice Dialer", and then press the "OK" button. Press "Status" once. On "Reporting Options" press "OK". Go through all the non-alarm reporting options and set those that should report to "On". These will include things like AC Loss, Low Battery, Sensor Alarm Restore, and so on. Once you have made your selections, press the "Status" button four times to save your changes and return to the main menu.

5. Test your system. After you have configured everything, your alarm monitoring company should be able to test everything to make sure that it is working as it should. Contact your monitoring company and have them complete the test. It is very important to always test your system after programming a new phone number.

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