How Do I Connect My Lyric Thermostat to Alexa?

You can connect your Lyric Thermostat to Alexa by enabling the Honeywell Home Skill within the Alexa App. The Lyric Thermostat will need to be paired with the user's Honeywell Home account. The user must provide their Honeywell Home account info to the Alexa App to complete the pairing.

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The Honeywell Home App was previously called the Lyric App. The features are still the same, but the app now uses the new name and a new logo. This app can be used with various Honeywell smart devices that are used throughout the home. Please note that connecting a Lyric Thermostat with Alexa requires the use of the Honeywell Home App. Although Total Connect 2.0 can be used with Alexa, that pairing does not support smart home automation functionality at this time. In other words, even if a Lyric Thermostat is accessible through Total Connect 2.0, a user will not be able to use the device with Alexa by enabling the TC2 Skill and providing their TC2 account information.

If you would like to connect your Lyric Thermostat to Alexa, complete the following steps:

1. Pair with Honeywell Home. The Lyric Thermostat must be paired with Honeywell Home in order for it to work with Amazon Alexa. If you don't have the Honeywell Home App, you can download it for free on an Android or iOS device from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Once you have opened the Honeywell Home App, press the "Install a Device" button. Please note that the Lyric Thermostat and the Android or iOS device must be on the same local WIFI network for the pairing to work. The Honeywell Home App should detect the Lyric Thermostat. From there, follow the instructions within the Honeywell Home App to complete the pairing process. This is when you will provide a unique name for the thermostat. You will use this name when controlling the thermostat through spoken Alexa voice commands.

2. Enable the skill. Open the Alexa App. Access the Skills section. Locate the Honeywell Home Skill. Enable this skill within the Alexa App. This will allow Honeywell Home and the paired Lyric Thermostat to be used with Alexa.

3. Pair your account. You will need to provide your Honeywell Home account information to Alexa so that communication can go through successfully. Enter your Honeywell Home account information into the Alexa App when prompted.

4. Test your thermostat. Try saying "Alexa, increase (thermostat name) by two degrees". Check and make sure the temperature increases by two degrees. Then say "Alexa, decrease (thermostat name) by two degrees". Check and make sure the temperature decreases by two degrees. If you can successfully increase and decrease the temperature using Alexa voice commands, then the pairing was successful. Please note that the "thermostat name" is the name that you provided in Step 1.

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