How Do I Disable a Honeywell L5210?

You can disable a Honeywell L5210 by powering it off. The system can be powered off by disconnecting the backup battery and then unplugging the transformer. You can confirm that the system has shut down by checking to see if the touchscreen keypad is blank. All functions will be disabled.

Honeywell l5210 lynx touch wireless security system with 4 1 sla

An alarm system cannot do anything when it is powered off. For all intents and purposes, shutting down a system is the same as disabling it. The entire system is disabled. The panel cannot receive signals from sensors because it is disabled. The communicator cannot send out signals because it is disabled. The Z-Wave controller cannot control smart home devices because it is disabled. The siren cannot produce any sounds because it is disabled. The user cannot control the touchscreen because it is disabled. A system that is powered off is nothing more than a hunk of plastic. You need to power it back on to do anything.

Please note that you should not keep your system powered off for an extended period of time if you have active alarm monitoring service. Alarm monitoring costs money, and you are not using your service when the system is powered down. However, you are still paying for service unless you cancel your alarm monitoring plan. But with your system powered off, anyone can walk into your home without worrying about setting off an alarm. If you have life-safety sensors connected with your system, then they will not activate. If a fire or CO gas outbreak were to occur, you might not know about it until it's too late. If an elderly or disabled individual tries to use their medical alert device connected with the system, it will not work. When your system is powered down, you truly give up all functionality.

However, powering your system down can be necessary for troubleshooting or making hardware changes. Just know that whenever it is powered down, you are putting yourself at risk. If you do wish to power your L5210 System down to disable it, complete the following steps:

1. Disconnect the battery. Open up the panel, and locate the backup battery. Disconnect the plug-in connector from the board.

2. Unplug the transformer. Find the transformer plugged into the wall outlet. Unplug it to disconnect AC power.

3. Confirm the shut down. Check the main screen of the L5210. It should be blank. This confirms that the system is disabled and shut down. Connect the transformer first when you go to turn the system back on later.

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