How do I enable/disable scheduling for ZWSTAT?

The Honeywell ZWSTAT Thermostat is way more than just a Thermostat that talks Z-Wave. It's also a highly advanced thermostat with lots of advanced features, including powerful scheduling!

By default, the Honeywell ZWSTAT has a very basic home screen with no access to its advanced features. Abilities like scheduling are disabled by default.

In order to enable/disable scheduling on your ZWSTAT, you're going to have to enter the advanced programming section as shown in the ZWSTAT user manual.

To do that, 1) press system and then 2) press and hold the button 3 and button 5 at the bottom of the screen until you see the display change and display a 120 with an up and down arrow as illustrated:

Once inside advanced functions, you'll want to press up until you get to the Setup Function "Schedule Format" (0160). Click the Setting button (Up Arrow) at the right to turn on scheduling. 4 means it's on. 0 means it's off. Once you've turned on scheduling, press "Done".

You can also switch between two and four programming periods under Setup Function 0540. There, choosing a 2 sets two program periods (wake, sleep). Choosing a 4 sets four program periods (wake, leave, return, sleep). The default setting is 4.

Once you press done, you'll see a scheduling button on the home screen!

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Hi Tom, here's a link to the L7000 FAQ's: If you have a specific question, you can probably enter it in the search area at the top of our page and find an answer. If not, you can always email us at
You are correct in that the L7000 does not directly control the scheduling of the Zwstat. However its the TC automation scheduling that will automate the Zwstat and send those commands through the L7000. It is a bit confusing. TC Comfort (wifi based) thermostats are now supported on TC2 but they do not have the full integration that the Z-Wave stats have. If there is anything else we can assist with please reach out.
OK it's been two months but I was fearful of "rebuilding tstat automation" given I'm probably not even supposed to be fiddling with my L7000 i.e. my Central Station might not approve. :o And although I probably shouldn't admit THIS either: I have since realized that my entire problem with TC2 seems simply to be that I expected to change the schedule in the L7000 and see the result in the ZWAVE t-stat, and that is not the case. It seems the L7000 (or ???) sends the t-stat the new setting at the time of the TC2 schedule. For reasons I can't explain now, I did not see that was the way it worked. So I am using TC2 to schedule my two ZWAVE stats, having changed 0160 to 0 (Nonprogrammable), and it seems to work OK though honestly one thing I've not tried yet is to use TC2 to set a Permanent Hold--I hope that works. The other thing that I am fiddling with is: by making the stat nonprogrammable, I defeat the Recovery capability. So I've had to make my start time earlier in the TC2 schedule. In the meantime also I have gotten Internet at my home, and ultimately should probably have not gotten ZWAVE thermostats at all, but rather Honeywell WiFi stats... Oh well, we live and learn. Thanks guys for helping me.
I would try excluding and re-including the thermostat after you set 0160 to option 0. Then rebuild your thermostat automation on TC2 and see what happens.
Thanks, afaict my L7000 panel doesn't have any scheduling capability, or at least there are no schedules set on it. So I still have the issue of: if I turn-off Progammable on my ZWAVE stat and set a schedule in TC2 that act does not cause the setpoint to change at the thermostat. Must be User Error so I will keep fiddling with it.
Sterling is referring to a schedule that is set on your alarm panel's automation section. Any local scheduling in the automation tools of your security system should be wiped before enrolling to TC2. (Not referring to scheduling on the thermostat) Then just enter a 0 for 0160 to set the schedule format to "nonprogrammable." This setting disables local programming on the thermostat itself. It is a confusing terminology since it is still programmable but only from TC2.
Struggling a bit with this: What do you mean "deleting out any local Z-Wave tstat scheduling"? The act of setting 0160 to 0 does not accomplish this? I tried with my ZWAVE tstat setting this to 0 and then using TotalConnect2's mobile app to assert schedules, but the displayed setpoint did not change i.e. it was reading that the setpoint was 70 despite that in TC2 I had changed the scheduled setpoint to 68. Or maybe I need to let the TC2 schedule play-thru the next change time in order for the local tstat display to get coordinated? I see that I can have local tstat-resident schedules set, and use TC2 to just change setpoints temporarily, but would like to know exactly how I might let TC2 do all the scheduling so I don't have to fiddle at the tstat itself.
Yes, thanks for pointing that out. We also recommend deleting out any local Z-Wave thermostat scheduling in the panel when using Total Connect 2.0 schedules as well.
I would like to point out that if scheduling on the thermostat is enabled by setting 0160 to 4, then it will override remote temperature scheduling using Total Connect 2. While Total Connect will change the temperature setting, the next time the local thermostat schedule runs, it will override whatever Total Connect set. In other words, 0160 must be set to 0 if you intend to control your temperature settings remotely using Total Connect.

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