How do I enable/disable scheduling for ZWSTAT?

The Honeywell ZWSTAT Thermostat is way more than just a Thermostat that talks Z-Wave. It's also a highly advanced thermostat with lots of advanced features, including powerful scheduling!

By default, the Honeywell ZWSTAT has a very basic home screen with no access to its advanced features. Abilities like scheduling are disabled by default.

In order to enable/disable scheduling on your ZWSTAT, you're going to have to enter the advanced programming section as shown in the ZWSTAT user manual.

To do that, 1) press system and then 2) press and hold the button 3 and button 5 at the bottom of the screen until you see the display change and display a 120 with an up and down arrow as illustrated:

Once inside advanced functions, you'll want to press up until you get to the Setup Function "Schedule Format" (0160). Click the Setting button (Up Arrow) at the right to turn on scheduling. 4 means it's on. 0 means it's off. Once you've turned on scheduling, press "Done".

You can also switch between two and four programming periods under Setup Function 0540. There, choosing a 2 sets two program periods (wake, sleep). Choosing a 4 sets four program periods (wake, leave, return, sleep). The default setting is 4.

Once you press done, you'll see a scheduling button on the home screen!

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