How do I Enroll a Honeywell 5816 to a Lyric Gateway?

You cannot enroll a 5816 to the Honeywell Lyric Gateway. To enroll a 5816, an alarm company monitoring the system needs to remotely access programming and enter the device’s info. All zone programming and most of the Gateway’s system programming is only available to the monitoring company.

Users have no access to system programming on the Lyric Gateway, and will need to contact their monitoring company in order to add new security sensors to the system. The user should provide the monitoring company with information about the sensor, and have them manually enter the information, or they can work with the monitoring company to “learn” the device into programming.

  1. Ask your monitoring company to help add a new sensor. The alarm company will need to access system programming through AlarmNet360. This is the only way that zone programming can be performed.
  2. Wait for the monitoring company to turn on "Learn" mode. With the monitoring company in system programming, they will need to navigate to an open zone and enable “Learn” mode. With this turned on, activate the sensor by faulting it or triggering its tamper switch. The security company will see the serial number automatically fill the programming field. As an alternative, the monitoring company can choose to type in the serial number, which you have provided.
  3. Check that the sensor was programmed properly. The monitoring company will now complete the zone programming. You will need to let them know your desired zone description, if you’re using the reed switch or the hardwired terminals on the 5816 for this zone, the device type (is it a door or window?) and the response type (should the zone provide an immediate alarm, or is it a delayed zone, like an entry door?). Once they’ve completed programming, test the device to be sure it operates properly.

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