How Do I Enroll a Schlage Z-Wave Lock on a DSC Impassa?

You can enroll a Schlage Z-Wave Lock on a DSC Impassa by first getting the system connected with It can then be added by accessing Z-Wave setup, clearing the device from the network, and enrolling the device with the Impassa System. The lock must be controlled through

Dsc scw457aatnt front openWhen an cellular communicator is used with the DSC Impassa, it also serves as the Z-Wave controller for the system. The module must be active and set up with in order for the system to support any Z-Wave smart home devices. This will require an alarm monitoring plan that includes connectivity with Since the DSC Impassa does not offer local home automation control, all operation for Z-Wave devices must be be done using the service.

Complete the following steps to enroll a Schlage Z-Wave Lock on a DSC Impassa:

1. Open Z-Wave setup. Z-Wave devices, including Z-Wave locks, are managed through the Z-Wave setup menu. Begin on the main screen of the Impassa with the system disarmed. Enter in the command [*] [6] [Master Code]. The default Master Code for the system is 1234. Then use the arrow keys [>] & [<] to find "Interactive Serv". Press the [*] key to continue. Then find "Z-Wave Setup", and press the [*] key to select that option. You will enter the Z-Wave setup menu.

2. Clear the lock. When enrolling any Z-Wave device with any system, a user should take the time to clear it from the network first. Clearing the device will allow it to enroll properly if it has been previously programmed with another system. Many Z-Wave devices are enrolled with a system before they even leave the factory for testing purposes. So even if your Schlage Lock is brand-new, it's still a good idea to clear it first.

Use the arrow keys on the Impassa to find the "Remove Z-Wave Device" option. Press the [*] key to continue. The panel will enter its clearing mode. Then activate the inclusion function on the Schlage Lock to clear it. The lock might have a button for this purpose, or a specific code may need to be entered. Check the lock's manual for more information on the inclusion function. The lock may need to be within a few feet of the panel when doing this. The Impassa will display a message that a device has been removed once the command has gone through successfully.

3. Add the lock. Once the lock has been cleared, you should have no problem adding it to the Z-Wave network. Scroll to the "Add Z-Wave Device" option on the DSC Impassa, and press the [*] key. The system will enter its Z-Wave inclusion mode. The activate the inclusion function on the Schlage Lock, following the same process that was completed in the previous step. Remember, the lock may need to be close to the panel when doing this. The panel should display a message when the lock has been added successfully. You should then be able to lock and unlock the device through the automation menu of

4. Return to home screen. Repeatedly press the [#] key on the DSC Impassa until you return to the home screen. Any changes to Z-Wave settings will be automatically saved.

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