How do I enter programming on a 6160 keypad?

There are two ways to enter programming on a Honeywell 6160 alphanumeric keypad. The easiest way to get into programming is to enter the Installer code (default = 4112) + [8] + [00]. If you do not have your installer code, and it has been changed from default, you will need to use the back door method to get back in. Power down the system by removing AC power as well as the backup battery. Power up with AC only, at first, then hold the [*] and [#] keys simultaneously within 50 seconds. One method or the other should get you into programming, and you should then be prompted with 'Installer Code 20' on the 6160. If you just see the number 20 on the display, this means you have a fixed English keypad, such as the 6150, and it is not recommended for programming. Once you're in programming, you can then re-connect the backup battery.

Use the programming guide for your Honeywell alarm panel to enter the appropriate field by pressing [*] followed by the field number. For example, the VISTA-15P and VISTA-20P programming guide shows that you use field 20 to change the installer code. Press [*] [20] then enter the new 4 digit installer code. You'll hear a beep after each entry, and a triple beep after the final entry, when you fill the field. When you fill a field, you will automatically be taken to the next field in programming, you can simply make the entry in that field, without having to hit [*] and the field number first, and you can move through programming in this fashion. Some fields, you will not fill, such as the phone number fields. By necessity, these fields have more available spaces than are needed, to account for all phone dialing situations. Once you've entered the central station phone number, press [*] after the last digit to let the panel know you're finished making entries. You will then hear the triple beep, and you'll have to enter [*] plus the next field number you wish to program.

Always use [*] [99] to exit programming mode. You can exit using [*] [98], but this will take you out of programming and either require you to use the back door method to re-enter program, or in some cases, depending on the panel, and programming, *98 can completely lock you out of keypad programming. Once locked out, the only way back in would be via downloading software.

We have most programming guides available on our website. If you do not see yours, please let us know.

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Hi Greg, You can backdoor it and reset the installer code with these steps to get back into programming: 1. Power down the system. Power down the system entirely by disconnecting the backup battery and unplugging the transformer. The keypad and any communicator lights will all go blank. This indicates that the system is fully powered down. 2. Power it back on. Plug the transformer back in to power the system back on. 3. Backdoor the system. As soon as you see any activity on the keypad LCD screen, immediately press and hold the [*] and [#] keys simultaneously. Keep them held down until the screen reads either "Installer Code 20" or just "20". This means that you have successfully backdoored the system to get into programming. You must do this within 50 seconds of the system powering on for this to work. You may need to get someone to help you if the panel is not near the keypad. 4. Change the Installer Code. If you were locked out because you don't know the Installer Code, you should change it to its default of 4112. Enter the command [*20] to enter the appropriate programming field. Then enter [4112] to set the code to the default. The keypad will beep three times to confirm that the new Installer Code has been set successfully. 5. Exit programming. Use the [*99] command to exit programming. Make sure to always use the [*99] command to exit programming in the future so that you don't need to perform the backdoor method again!
I have either a 6150 or 6160 keypad. The 4112 code doesn't work. I disconnected the battery, but doesn't appear to have a AC connection. What next?
We are here to assist when we can :)
I spent 3 days looking for this answer. I had a keypad go bad. I bought the exact same model and could have sworn it was originally programmed to address 16. but my secondary keypad was programmed to 16. I programmed the prox reader to address 17 and this new keypad to 18 and all works perfectly now. Thanks for the help!!!!~
Are you pressing the two keys within 50 seconds of powering up? If so, you should either see '20' or 'Installer Code 20' on the keypad (if it works) or you should hear a long tone from the keypad (to indicate it's locked out). If neither is happening, it sounds like you may be missing something. Are you able to call us M-F 9-9 EST at 888-818-7728 when you are home so we can work through it with you? If so, please mention your email address when you call in so we can pull up your profile with what we've discussed so far.
Yes I unplugged transformer as well as a battery lead. It turns off completely however does nothing when it powers back up and the #* is pressed. The WA is 20p-9.18. I feel like it may have been locked since it was previously monitored by ADT. :(
Are you unplugging the transformer from the wall and also disconnecting one of the lead to the backup battery inside the panel when powering down? If so, when you power back up and press and hold * and #, do you hear a long tone from the keypad once you press the two keys together? What is the WA number on your 20P's PROM chip which is located in the center of the green circuit board inside the beige metal alarm cabinet? Also, do you know if your system has partitions setup?
I have the same issue. The system is not armed it is in ready mode. I have powered down completely, restarted and the #* doesn't do anything. I have the Honeywell 20p model.
What is the WA number on your VISTA panel's PROM chip in the center of the green circuit board that's inside the beige metal cabinet? Also, how long would you say it is from the time you plug the system back into AC power to the time you get to the keypad where it's showing "Disarmed Ready to Arm"?
I have tried entering installation mode both ways. I have insured that the keypad is powered down after removing battery and unplugging unit. I plug it back in and run down stairs and it just says disarmed ready to arm I push and hold the * & # and it dosent do anything. please advise.
Is the system currently armed?
I am having the same problem. Tried both methods. Power up I get a long tone, red & green lights, hold the * & # but nothing after that?
If you have a Comm Failure message on your keypad, you should still be able to enter programming mode. What happens when you enter the installer code followed by 800? Are you sure you are using the right Installer Code?
I 'm trying to set an alarm 6160 but I comm.failure saying a word and I can not go to the next step what I can do
It sounds like you have both keypads mapped to the same address. You should power down, power up and then re-address one of the keypads to address 17. That keypad will not work until you turn on address 17 in programming from the address 16 keypad but the keypad should work much better once you fix the address conflict.
I have replaced Old Ademco 15P with new Ademco 15p due to false alarm. Using Keypad 6160, (I also have 6150) I have changed address. When I press * and #, I can see “CON ADDR=16” The problem is when I press 4 1 1 2 8 0 0 (Keypad accepts only 6 digits, not the 7th “0") , so I can not get to program mode. If I press 1 2 3 4 8 0 2, again the keypad does not accept the last digit “2”) If I reboot and press * and #, It says “Busy-StandBy” and says “Disarmed, Hit * for Faults” and keypad doing nothing. What I am doing not right? Need your help.
Hi! Sterling Donnelly Greeting of the day................................! I got success to enter in its programming mode. Thanks for your concern & hopefully we will keep in touch. Thanks and Regards Kapil Gupta +919935753311
If these two methods aren't getting you into programming, your panel may be locked out. Are you getting a long error tone when you try to entry by power cycling and then pressing * and # together on the keypad?
I am trying both options but can't access in installer mode is there any option to get in installer mode

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