How Do I Enter Walk Test Mode On My Vista 128BPT?

To do a Burglary Walk Test on the Honeywell Vista 128BPT, (with the system in the unarmed state), enter a 4 digit user code followed by the number 5 and press “TEST”. When this test is first entered, the Vista 128BPT activates the alarm output for 3 seconds. The Vista 128BPT control panel will send a Start of Walk-Test message to the monitoring station. The Walk Test message indicates you are testing the system and not to dispatch on alarm signals. The keypad will display Burg Walk Test in Progress and a single beep will sound every 15 seconds while the test remains active. Users should open every door and window and walk in front of motion detectors. The control panel will beep 3 times after each one is opened or the motion is walked in front of ensuring communication. If a door or window remain open or the motion detector stays active, the zone and number will be displayed on the keypad.

To end the Burg Walk Test, re enter the 4 digit user code and press OFF. An End of Walk-Test message will be sent to the monitoring station, any further signals that are sent will be dispatched on. The Vista 128BPT will automatically exit the test mode if no activity is received for 30 minutes. The Vista 128BPT will beep twice every 15 seconds during the last 5 minutes to warn users that it will timeout and exit the test mode.

The Burglary Walk Test can be accessed by any level user and is recommended to be tested once a week to ensure communication.

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