How Do I Get My ADC-V515 Added to a Network Using AP Mode?

You can get your ADC-V515 added to a network using AP Mode by powering on the camera, getting its LED to flash white, and then connecting to the camera's Access Point using a WIFI-connected device. You should be able to find a list of available networks and connect to the desired one.

Access Point (AP) Mode pairing is one of two (2) ways to get the ADC-V515 Camera online so that it can be paired with your account. The other method is called WPS pairing. Of the two methods, AP Mode pairing is safer and more secure, so it is usually the recommended method. However, both methods accomplish the same end goal. AP Mode is performed by users who want the most secure pairing method, as well as users who have WPS mode disabled on their WIFI routers or whose router doesn't support WPS. Please note that you must use a 2.4 GHz WIFI network with the ADC-V515. This camera cannot connect with a 5 GHz WIFI network.

Complete the following steps to get your ADC-V515 Camera online using AP Mode pairing:

1. Power on the camera. Start by providing power for the camera if you haven't already. This is done by connecting its plug-in transformer and plugging it into a functional outlet. There should be a barrel connection port on the back of the camera. Insert the barrel end of the included transformer at the camera and then plug the other end into an outlet. The LED light on the camera should begin flashing to indicate that the camera is powered on.

2. Activate camera AP Mode. You can tell that AP Mode for the ADC-V515 is active because its LED will be flashing white. You may see this happen automatically after the camera has been powered on. Alternatively, you can press and hold the WPS/Reset button on the rear of the camera until the LED begins flashing white. Release the button once this happens. The white LED indicates that the camera's AP Mode has been activated. If the LED begins flashing blue, it means the camera is in WPS mode, and you'll need to either allow it to time out and start over, or power down and back up then start over. Release the WPS/Reset button as soon as the LED begins to flash white.

3. Connect to the AP. In order to connect to the Access Point, you will need a device that can connect to a WIFI network, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet. Open up the list of available WIFI networks, and look for one named ADC-V515 (XX:XX:XX). The X's represent the final six (6) characters of the camera's 12-digit MAC Address. Select this network to connect to it. A web browser may automatically open. If not, then just open a web browser, and enter to connect to the camera's Access Point.

4. Connect camera to internet. Click on the black Scan button. This will generate a list of available WIFI networks in the area. Select the network that you want the camera to connect with. The network's SSID will generate in the field on the left. Then enter the network password in the designated field. Press the orange submit button to continue. Remember that only 2.4 GHz networks will appear. The ADC-V515 cannot connect with a 5 GHz WIFI network*.

Turn your attention back to the ADC-V515. You should see its LED light turn red, then flashing green, and then solid green to indicate a successful network connection. With the camera online, you can then pair it with your account using the website or mobile app.

*If the router supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, it is recommended to be sure that these two separate networks have different SSID's. Having the same SSID for both networks may cause issues with this and other devices.

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