How Do I Get My ADC-V515 Added to a Network Using WPS?

You can get your ADC-V515 added to a network using WPS by pressing and holding the camera's WPS/Reset button until its LED is flashing blue and then turning on the WPS function on your WIFI router. The LED light on the ADC-V515 should turn solid green to indicate a successful connection.

WPS pairing, or WIFI Protected Setup, is one of two (2) ways that you can get the ADC-V515 Camera online. The other method is called Access Point (AP) Mode pairing. Of the two, WPS pairing is easier, but it also isn't as secure. For the most secure pairing method, AP Mode is recommended. But WPS pairing is still available if you're willing to accept the associated network vulnerabilities. Once you complete the WPS pairing process, your ADC-V515 will be online so that you can pair it with your account. Please note that only 2.4 GHz WIFI networks can be used with the ADC-V515. The camera does not support 5 GHz WIFI networks.

Complete the following steps to add your ADC-V515 Camera to the network using WPS pairing:

1. Power on the camera. If you haven't already powered on the ADC-V515, you should start by doing that. Take the camera's included transformer, and plug its barrel end into the DC power connection port on the rear of the camera. Then take the transformer end, and plug it into a functional power outlet. The camera's LED will begin flashing to indicate that it is receiving power.

2. Activate camera WPS. Find the WPS/Reset Button for the ADC-V515 Camera. The button is on the rear of the camera, just below the part where the camera connects with its stand and base. Press and hold the button until the LED on the camera begins flashing blue. The blue flashing means that WPS pairing mode has been activated.

3. Activate router WPS. Now turn your attention to your WIFI router. Find its WPS button, and press and hold it until you receive an indication that WPS mode has been activated. Alternatively, you may also be able to access your router's user interface through a web browser and use it to enable WPS mode. Refer to the user manual for your router for more information on activating its WPS mode. Please note that not every WIFI router supports WPS. If your router does not support WPS pairing, then use AP Mode pairing instead.

4. Confirm network pairing. Upon activating WPS mode on both the camera and the router, the camera should then join the wireless network. Observe the LED light on the camera. It should first turn red, then begin flashing green, and then turn solid green to indicate successful pairing. You can then proceed to pair the camera with your account. Remember that the ADC-V515 only works with 2.4 GHz WIFI networks, so if you are having trouble getting the camera to pair, then you should verify that your WPS WIFI router is transmitting a 2.4 GHz signal.

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