How Do I Get the Honeywell L5100 to Show a Slideshow?

You can get the Honeywell L5100 to show a slideshow by accessing the option from the Master Tools Menu. You must select the images to use in the slideshow and adjust the settings for the feature. The adjusted settings will automatically go into effect after you save your changes.

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The slideshow feature is essentially a screensaver for the L5100 System. That way, you can enjoy personalized images of your choosing rather than the system's main screen. Whenever the panel is left untouched for a set amount of time, the selected images will appear on the screen. The user has the option to set how long it will take before the slideshow will go into effect. They can also set how long each individual image will remain on the screen before transitioning to the next one.

The slideshow feature requires that at least one image is uploaded to the L5100 System. This was previously possible through Total Connect. Unfortunately, Honeywell removed this ability. Now there is no way to upload a new image to an L5100 System. Because of this, an L5100 System cannot be set up for a slideshow if there are no images already uploaded. The feature is only possible for L5100 Systems with images that were uploaded before Honeywell removed this capability.

To set up the slideshow feature, complete the following steps:

1. Access the settings. Start from the main screen of the L5100. Choose Security > More > Tools > Master Code (default is 1234, but it is usually changed) > Slideshow. You will now be inside the slideshow settings menu.

2. Choose images. Select any image that you want to appear in the slideshow. Any selected will be highlighted. If there's a highlighted image that you don't want to appear in the slideshow, clicking it again will unselect it. The arrows on the right side of the screen will let you scroll through different pages. Continue once you have highlighted every image you want to use.

3. Adjust the slide interval. The slide interval is the setting that decides how long a particular image will be displayed before the next one appear. You can click on the field to change its setting. Options for 5, 10, 15 and 20 seconds are available.

4. Adjust the slide after. Slide after is the option that decides how long the system must be left untouched before the slideshow will appear. You can click on the field to change its setting. options for 30 seconds, 2 minutes, 10 minutes and 30 minutes are available. If you want to disable the slideshow feature entirely, choose "Disabled".

5. Save the changes. Press the "Save" button in the lower-right corner to save your changes. The settings will automatically go into effect.

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