How do I install a Honeywell 5811 door & window sensor?

Thanks to its wireless installation and screw-less mounting options via double-sided tape, installing a Honeywell 5811 Door and Window Sensor could not be easier.

First, we always recommend cleaning off the surface of the area you're going to install your Honeywell 5811, especially if you're using double-sided tape for your install.

Next, you'll want to test where you'll want to mount your 5811. We always recommend you first pair the Honeywell 5811 to your control panel so you can verify you're within the maximum gap between the 5811 transmitter and magnet when they are installed. The gap between the sensor and the magnet can be no bigger than 0.75 inches when the door or window is closed.

The transmitter should be mounted on the frame of the door or window and the magnet should be on the movable part of the door or window.

In order to test, you'll want to hold the transmitter and magnet in the exact places you plan on mounting, and have a friend help you open and close the door or window.

Once you're sure the two devices are in the correct spot, use double-sided tape to install the transmitter and magnet in place.

If you're more of a visual person, we recommend watching our expert Sterling install a Honeywell 5811 on a double French door in the following video:

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You would add the sensor to the main alarm control panel not to the Tuxedo keypad. Which system is your Tuxedo connected to?
Hi there, How I add the sensor to the Tuxedo WIFI ?

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