How Do I Install A Honeywell Lyric Security System?

The Honeywell Lyric Controller is a wireless self contained security system that has a built in WiFi communicator and Z-Wave module.

To install the Lyric Controller security system, start by installing the control panel’s backup battery. A standard 4 hour battery comes with the panel but users can purchase a high capacity 24 hour backup battery. Both batteries will send a low battery notification 1 hour before depletion. Insert the battery into the back of the controller. Install and secure the battery retainer. Plug in the battery connector to the panel’s receptacle.

Connect the power supply to the +9VDC and GND terminals on the controller.

If installing a cell communicator, remove the right side cover on the Lyric Controller panel. Insert the communicator and secure with provided screw, replace the side cover (please read the install instructions for the GSM communicator for complete instructions).

Users have the option to either wall mount the panel or use a desk mount.

To mount the Lyric Controller to a wall, remove the back cover by removing the back screw. Use a pencil and the openings on the back plate as a guide to mark the wall. Make sure all wires used are fed thru the openings in the wall mount. Attach the panel to the wall mount and use the included screw to secure.

To mount the Lyric Controller using the Lyric Desk Stand, remove the screw on the rear cover of the panel and remove the cover. Make sure all wiring is fed through the openings in the rear cover of the desk stand so the stand sits level. Attach the back plate of the desk stand to the Lyric Controller using the included screw to secure. Insert the hooks on the desk stand to the slots of the back of the panel.

Plug in the power supply to an outlet that is not controlled by a switch and the Lyric Controller is now ready to power up.

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I assume you are using the LT-CABLE. If so, the colors don't really matter as you just need to have the positive terminal on the transformer connected to the +9VDC terminal inside the Lyric panel and the negative terminal on the transformer connected to the GND terminal inside the Lyric. Normal convention would be to use the red wire for positive and the black wire for negative though.
I have to assume from the two part cabling that red is negative, and also the tip on the connectors between both cables (Transformer side:spades/Lyric side:termination of wiring) is also positive (and connected to red wire). Nothing specific in manuals for setup.

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