How Do I Install A LYNX Plus System?

Once the location to install the Lynx Plus control panel has been selected, start by separating the front case from the back using a flat head screwdriver. Press the two locking tabs on the top and rotate the front case upwards to release the hooks.

Feed wires through the appropriate openings in the back case. Use tie wraps to secure wires to the built in wire loops.

Hold the back case to the wall and mark the mounting hole openings. Using the included wall anchors and screws, mount the back case to the wall. Users can also chose the optional desk mount instead of mounting to a wall.

Reattach the front case to the back, letting the front case hang straight down to connect the wires and install the backup battery.

The Lynx Plus control panel is powered by a 9VAC, 25VA plug-in transformer. Use only the provided transformer. Wiring to the transformer must not exceed 300 feet using 16-gauge wire. The distance between the transformer and what gauge wire to use: up to 75 feet = 20 gauge, 75-150 feet = 18 gauge and 150 - 300 feet = 16 gauge wire. The voltage reading between terminals 10 and 11 of the control must not fall below 9.00VAC.

Do not plug the transformer into the AC outlet until after all wiring connections have been made.

Install the backup battery by removing the battery retainer and insert the battery pack into the back plate. Re-install the battery retainer and secure with the provided screw. Connect the battery pack connector to the receptacle on the PC board.

After all wiring connections have been made, snap the case closed and plug the transformer into an unswitched outlet.

To add a communicator, connect to a phone line and add devices, please refer to the complete Lynx Plus install manual.

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