How Do I Install the Micro SD Card in an ADC-V515?

You can install the SD card in an ADC-V515 by choosing a compatible SD card, locating the SD card slot on the camera, and then carefully inserting the SD card into its slot. Once complete, you can go on the website and build an Onboard Recording Scheduling for the camera.

The ADC-V515 Indoor Camera uses its Micro SD card for onboard video recording. Captured footage is stored locally on the SD card so that a user can access and review the footage using the website or mobile app. More information on viewing recorded footage made by using the onboard recording feature can be found in this FAQ.

In order to support the onboard recording feature, the ADC-V515 must be running Firmware Version or higher. Once you insert a compatible Micro SD card, you will be able to create an Onboard Recording Schedule. Doing this will have automatically send a firmware update down to the camera so that it is on a high enough firmware version. Don't forget that you must also have the Onboard Recording Feature enabled by your monitoring company.

Complete the following steps to install an SD card for the ADC-V515 and create an Onboard Recording Schedule:

1. Choose a Micro SD card. You must choose a compatible Micro SD card to use. You need a high-quality card specifically designed for video surveillance. It cannot be smaller in capacity than 32GB and cannot be larger in capacity than 512GB. lists the following brands as compatible:

  • Micron Industrial Memory Cards
  • SanDisk High Endurance
  • WD Purple Micro SD Cards

2. Locate SD card slot. Find the ADC-V515 Camera. Look on the bottom side of the camera near where its QR code and 12-character MAC Address are both located. You should see a slot for an SD card.

3. Inset the SD card. Align the Micro SD card with the card slot on the ADC-V515 Camera. The metal pins on the card should be facing the front of the camera. Press the SD card into the SD card slot until it "clicks" into place.

4. Create Onboard Recording Schedule. Login to the website using a web browser. Click Video on the left-hand side. Choose Recording Rules, followed by Local Recordings, and then +Add New Schedule. Select the ADC-V515 Camera that contains the SD card. Set the desired Quality on the slider. Remember that higher quality recordings will require more space on the SD card. You can then choose between a continuous, 24/7 recording schedule of "at all times", or you can set a more limited recording schedule with "only during the following times". There is also the option to limit the number of days that the SD card will retain a recording. Click Save when finished.

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