How Much Video Can Be Stored Using Onboard Recording With an Camera?

The amount of video that can be stored using onboard recording with an Camera depends on many factors, most notably the capacity of the Micro SD card and the quality of the recorded video. According to, estimates for the amount of video range from a single day to 59 days.

The Camera Onboard Recording Feature has a compatible camera store recorded video footage locally on an added Micro SD card. The footage can then be viewed remotely using the website or mobile app. For more information on accessing and reviewing the onboard footage, please review this FAQ.

As an Camera stores footage to its Micro SD card, it will eventually run out of space. If this happens, then the oldest footage is automatically deleted to make room for newer recordings. Only the footage that is still on the Micro SD card can be viewed. Once footage has been deleted, it cannot be recovered. A user may want to know approximately how much footage can be stored on the camera. That way, they can take action and save important footage before it becomes permanently lost. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to determine exactly how much footage can be stored before space runs out. But it is possible to make a good estimate.

The two (2) main factors in determining how much footage can be stored are the capacity of the Micro SD card and the quality of the recorded footage. Put simply, the best way to maximize storage space is to get the largest possible card and then set the lowest acceptable quality recording option. A larger Micro SD card has more space and can store more footage than a smaller card. The largest allowed size of a Micro SD card is 256GB, so you should go with that option if you want to maximize storage space. strongly recommends the following Micro SD card brands:

  • Micron Industrial Memory Cards (Available in 128GB and 256GB)
  • SanDisk High Endurance
  • WD Purple Micro SD Cards

Additionally, lower-quality video requires less space than higher-quality video. By setting the recording option as low as is acceptable, the Micro SD card can store a longer duration of footage. For reference, the lowest possible recording quality is a resolution of 640x360 shot at 10 Frames Per Second (fps). The highest possible recording quality is 1920x1080 at 30fps. It is recommended that users choose the lowest recording quality that they can tolerate in order to maximize storage space.

The table below provides a good estimate of storage limits based on Micro SD card size and recording quality. These are only estimates, and they do not represent any actual results. Your actual available video timeline may be longer or shorter depending on the activity in the videos. But as the table below shows, you are likely to get about 59 days of stored video footage if you get the largest allowed size of Micro SD card (256GB) with the lowest possible recording quality. Conversely, you will only get about one (1) day of video storage if you choose the highest possible resolution with the smallest available SD card of 32GB. Refer to the table for a good estimate of how much storage you will get for your SD card and video recording quality.

7 Days 15 Days 29 Days 59 Days
Medium (Default)
4 Days 7 Days 15 Days 29 Days
2 Days 4 Days 7 Days 15 Days
1 Day 2 Days 5 Days 10 Days

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