How do I add Total Connect automation to Tuxedo Touch?

The Tuxedo Touch supports zwave devices and can be controlled remotely when a user is connected to Total Connect 2.0. Total Connect 2.0 allows users to control home automation from any computer, smart phone or ios device, once zwave devices have been enrolled in the Tuxedo Touch WiFi controller. Zwave devices include thermostats, door locks, light switches and appliance modules.

More than one Tuxedo Touch WiFi keypad can be used with a Vista panel but only one can be enrolled into Total Connect.

Once the monitoring company has set up a Total Connect account the Tuxedo Touch Wifi keypad must be reset. To do this, power it down, wait a few minutes then power it back up.

Verify that the Tuxedo Touch Wifi is connected to the internet. Enable Total Connect. The touch screen will display “using Tuxedo Automation Module” (Yes/No); select YES. The Tuxedo Touch WiFi keypad’s MAC ID and CRC numbers will be required and can be found on a label on the back of the Tuxedo Touch keypad or on the box it came in. After the zwave devices are enabled to be controlled by Total Connect, follow the Total Connect prompts to synchronize the data with the Tuxedo Touch keypad. If a user does not synchronize the devices will not be displayed in Total Connect.

Once a user has logged into Total Connect, click on the Automation section on the screen. Select a displayed device and click the desired action.

In the Automation section, a user can create up to 10 Scenes and 50 groups. A scene is used to control a single device or multiple devices based on pre-set conditions, triggers and actions. When a trigger and condition occurs the action is executed. Scenes must have a least one trigger and one action to work. A group is multiple zwave devices that function together. Example; lights turn on and door locks at the same time.

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