Am I locked out of programming on my VISTA?

You can not get into programming if the system is armed! The only way to verify if you are locked out is to try to enter data programming mode. Enter your installer code followed by 800. If you see "Installer Code 20" or "20" on the keypad display you are not locked out! Then you can press *20 and enter a new installer code in order to change the installer code. Then press *99 to exit programming. When you exit using this method it will allow you back into programming using the installer code followed by 800. If you are not sure what your installer code is you can try the default '4112.' If this is not working either you can execute the back door method.

It is important that the system is fully powered down and the keypads are totally blank. Then reapply battery followed by AC power. Within 50 seconds of booting up you need to press * and # simultaneously. The only way that this would trigger a panic is if these keys are held after the first 50 seconds of the reboot so make sure you are doing this just after power cycling the system. You may want to do this with a partner at the panel if you are not able to get to the panel in time.

**Please note: If you are hearing a long error tone after you enter the sequence that means you are locked out. The only way to get back in is to try the back door method. If that is not working than you will need to contact the original installer or purchase a new panel.**

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For some reason it's stuck in a reset. I'd try removing all inputs except the one keypad, connected right at the 128 panel. If that doesn't clear it, try powering it down. Remove the square silver plate near the top center of the board. There are several chips underneath. Find the chip with the white sticker that say WAV128xx and press straight down on it to be sure the chip hasn't come loose, also inspect the prongs to be sure nothing is bent. Be SURE you power down before doing this. After making sure it's seated properly and no prongs are bent, power up with only AC, and the 1 keypad and see if it will complete a boot up. If you can, verify that there is adequate AC power by metering the input voltage on terminals 1 and 2. It should be around 18 Volts AC.
Indeed, there is only one keyboard connected to the panel (6164SP). I had already changed the keyboard address to 00 and 01, I also checked the wiring, continuity, and connection in each of the terminals, but it continues to show the same message. If I disconnect the yellow wire only, the message is "Open CKT", but if I disconnect the green wire only, the message remains "VISTA 128B SYSTEM RESET"
Is there only one keypad connected? Check the address of your keypad. Assuming it's a 6160 or similar keypad, press and hold down 1 and 3 simultaneously until the address pops up. If it is anything other than 00 or 01, power down the panel, power back up, and within about 30 seconds hold down the 1 and 3 keys again. This time, when the address pops up, press 00, you'll see the address change to 00, then press *. If this is the only keypad on the system, this address should always work. If it does not, then you need to check your wiring, etc. though I would expect a wiring issue to show something other than a System Reset (usually an Open CKT).
Hello, It is a new device, I did a basic programming (Keypad, zones 2 and 3, and the alarm time.) I did some tests, and everything was fine, then I disconnected it and kept it for a few months, while I got others devices I needed. Now that I got the devices, I plugged it into AC power and I run into this error. I don't know what could have caused it.
What preceded this message? If you just exited programming and then the keypad got stuck on this screen, it's likely that the keypad was disabled during programming, and the last message it received before it stopped working was the System Reset message. Hard to say without more information.
Message "System Reset" in Vista 128 panel. What to do?
Sorry to hear that. Refer to this page here:
Yeah didnt work :( going through all the paperwork left to see if it might be in there.
Have you tried to backdoor the system. This FAQ would help you:
I just bout a house and it has an alarm system Safewatch pro3000, my keypad is the older style (not the 6150) when I enter 4112+800 nothing happens. No beep and nothing changes on the display. So I am wondering if my keypad is locked out? Is there a way to reset this so we can use the alarm system. I would ask the seller however the sellers agent can't seem to contact the seller anymore
You should try back boor method to let you in to programming.
Safewatch Pro 3000EN with 6150 Keypad: I cannot enter program mode when I enter my Installer Code + 800. There is a long beep and "20" does not dispay. I can successfully arm and disarm my system using the Installer Code. Does this mean that the last exit from program mode was with *98? Any other advice or should I just try the backdoor method?
Hi Kathy, If 30 keystrokes are made without the entry of a valid code, the system locks the keypad for 15 minutes (30 keystrokes = 6 attempts of code + command) While locked, the message "User Code Error" is displayed on alpha keypads in the locked partition Upon lockout, a message is transmitted to the central station (Event 461 Wrong Code Entry), as well as being logged in the event log When the 15-minute lockout window expires, a Restore message is sent to the Central Station and entered into the Event Log.You can reset by powering completely down and back up. Your monitoring company can assist with this as well so I do suggest to call them. If you are monitored with us please send us an email a or call us at 888-818-7728.
My key pad says user code error keys0-9 locked , how do I unlock the keypad
Correct, if the back door method does not work you need to contact the installer or replace the panel.
I think I completely followed the above instruction. I did press and hold the *# key within 50sec after powered up. My 6160 keypad indicated "busy - standby d1" and gave me a long beep when I hold the *# keys. Does it mean I am totally locked out?
No problem, feel free to search the website for the install manuals of the other keypads you have installed. Addressing them is quite easy.
Thank You. I found that one o the keypads may have a conflicting address or something. (I need to troubleshoot it.) I disconnected all but one keypad and everything is proper now. Thanks for your help.
You'll need to press * and # within 50 seconds of powering the system up. Is the system giving a long beep when trying to enter this command after powering up? If so you may be fully locked out of programming.
On trying to enter program mode I can only get five digits of the seven (e.g. 4112 8) then the keypad stops working. I tried the back door method and am not sure when to hit the * and #. I've tried both when the system is first turned on and after the "disarmed" script comes up. Any ideas? Thanks Rick
Yes, the console mode is the keypad emulation for the Tuxedo. It should be under Security > More Choices. As for whether the *98 fully locks you out of programming, it depends on the programming of the panel. Do you have a regular console keypad in addition to the Tuxedo?
I do not have a physical panel, I only have a touch screen. Im assuming the tuxedo panel will emulate the keys of a physical panel, but does the "no re-entry" option close programming to the panel with a *98 or *99 command? If it is with a *98, will the backdoor method work, or should I just buy another vista 20p panel?
Have you tried entering programming mode through the console mode by pressing 4112 + 800?
I have purchased a tuxedo touch, programmed a wireless door sensor, and saved config. It then asked me if I wanted to allow for re-entry. I pressed no, and now I cant get back into programming after reboot. What can I do to program?

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