How do I get into programming mode on my VISTA-20P?

You need to enter your installer code followed by 800 on a keypad in order to program your VISTA-20P. The default installer code is 4112 so on a new panel you would enter: 4112 + 800. If you are not sure of your installer code, you can try the default listed above or use the back door method. **

Power cycle the panel > Within 50 seconds of power up press and hold the * and # keys simultaneously

The back door method allows you to get into programming without the installer code. Simply do a hard reboot on the panel by removing any battery connection, then pulling the AC transformer from the receptacle. You may need a screwdriver to remove the screw holding the transformer into the wall plate. It is not recommended to remove power connections from the panel side, since it is live and can damage the panel if shorted. After you have removed battery and AC power, the keypad(s) should be dead. Now reboot by applying AC power, followed by battery. During the reboot cycle (within 50 seconds of power up) press and hold the * (star) and # (pound) keys simultaneously for 3 full seconds.

If you successfully get into programming you will see "installer code 20" displayed if you have an alphanumeric keypad or "20" if you have a Fixed English keypad. The alpha keypad will allow you to enter sub-menus such as *56 zone programming and *29 communicator programming while the Fixed English is limited to viewing only the basic programming selections. See the VISTA-20P programming guide for other programming fields. First reset the installer code by pressing *20 followed by the 4 digit Installer code you wish to use. You will hear a beep after each digit entry, and 3 beeps after the final entry. You can reset other user codes once you know the installer code. After completing programming, it is important to use *99 to exit. This method allows you to reenter programming using the new installer code next time.

**Please note: It is possible to completely lock the Vista-20P from local keypad programming. There are a couple of ways this can be done. If the back door method does not work to re-enter programming, there's a good chance the panel has been completely locked out, and only the downloader who locked it, can unlock it.

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