How do I eliminate "Phone Line Cut" alerts on an L5100?

Let's get right to it. In order to disable the 'Phone Line Cut' notification on your Honeywell L5100 LYNX Touch alarm system you need to first enter installer programming. Follow this sequence: More + Tools + Installer Code (Default = 4112) + Program + System Type.

The 'Phone Notification' selection on the bottom left should be set to 'Disabled.' If it is set to 'Keypad' or 'Trouble' then simply press the field selection until it toggles to 'Disabled.' Make sure to SAVE before backing out! After you have successfully disabled the phone notification setting in panel programming your L5100 will no longer monitor the supervision of the phone line and the annoying alerts will never return.

If you do have a phone line connected and the service is intermittent you can set the phone notification to 'Keypad' if you want to see the alert on the touchscreen display only or 'Trouble' if you do like an audible alert from the system when you lose the phone connection. Another way to prevent persistent alerts but maintain supervision is to increase the 'Phone Detect Time.'

First, you need to enable the phone notification to 'Keypad' or 'Trouble' then you can select a specific amount of time that the system will allow a loss of supervision before triggering the alert. The 'Phone Detect Time' ranges from 1 minute to 4 minutes.

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