How Do I Manage Multiple Locations in a TC2 Account?

You can manage multiple locations in a TC2 account by choosing the Locations tab on the left-hand side for the screen after you log-in. From there, you can control any location linked to your Total Connect 2.0 account. You will also be able to edit any of the settings for your locations.

In Total Connect 2.0, each Location represents one security system. If you own multiple properties (e.g. multiple homes, a home and a business location, etc.), then you can link the security systems at your different properties together under one Total Connect 2.0 account. In order for this to be possible, all of the systems must be monitored by the same company. If your home is monitored by a different company than your business, then unfortunately you will not be able to manage these locations together. The first step in setting up multiple locations under a single login is performed by the alarm dealer. Once the original account has been created, any additional locations that need to be added should be configured within the original account. Be sure your alarm dealer knows that this is the type of setup you wish to have.

Each system you use will need its own monitoring plan with access to Total Connect 2.0. Your alarm dealer will then be able to group your systems together so that you can conveniently access all of them using the same Total Connect 2.0 login information. Remember, only systems that are actively monitored and set up with TC2 service can be paired with your TC2 account. If you have any systems that aren't being monitored or systems that are not compatible with TC2, then they cannot be integrated.

For this FAQ, we will assume that your alarm dealer has already linked your multiple security systems together under the same TC2 account and that they are already visible under the locations tab after you login. If you are having trouble seeing any of your different locations, contact your monitoring company for further assistance. Please also note that we will be restricting our focus in this FAQ to cover the Total Connect 2.0 website, not the mobile app.

Before we get started showing off the Locations tab in TC2, we do want to point out one very easy way to quickly switch between different locations on your account. In the upper-right corner of any TC2 page after you have logged in, you should see the name of the current location, right next to your TC2 profile picture. If you click on the location name, then a list of other locations will appear so that you can easily switch between them. This is the best way to quickly switch between different locations as you navigate TC2. If you are ever unsure of which location you are currently controlling, then you can conveniently check in the upper-right corner to see. Please note that the default location will be the location you control upon first logging into TC2, without switching locations. We will show you how to change the default location later in this FAQ.

Complete the following steps to manage multiple locations within a TC2 account:

1. Access TC2 Locations. Go to the TC2 website and log into your account. You will need your username and password. Remember that if you are an Alarm Grid customer then your username will have been set to the email address that you have on file, unless you later changed it. If you are having trouble, click the Problems Signing In button, or reach out to your monitoring provider for further assistance. After you have logged in, click the Locations tab on the left-hand side of the screen.

2. Set location order. If you ever want to set the order of your locations, or choose which location should serve as the default location, click the reorder button, which is the button with three horizontal bars and an up arrow and down arrow. You should see the reorder button in the upper-right after choosing the Locations tab.

You will then be able to set the order for your locations. You can do this by clicking on the dots on the left of any location. Hold down the mouse clicker, and drag the location up or down to rearrange the order. Please note that the top location will be set as the default location. The default location is the location you control by default when you first log into TC2. If you want to control a different location, you will need to switch to it using the process mentioned earlier in this FAQ, right before the steps. Once you have finished, press the blue Save button in the bottom-right. If you do not press save, then the changes will be lost. You can see in our example, we set the "Lake House" as the default location.

3. Navigate the Default View. When you have multiple Locations set up within the same Total Connect 2.0 account, then you can choose between the Default View and the Device View. The Default View gives an overview of the current security status of your systems, while also showing the configured modules for the systems, as well as any Sync problems that the systems might be experiencing. The logo on the left-hand side of any system shows when the system is disarmed. As you can see in the example below, Business Plaza and Lake House are both Disarmed. This is important because you cannot perform a sync on an armed panel.

If you click on the name for any location, you will be taken to a screen where you can arm and disarm the associated system, including any individual partitions that you may have set up. You can also view and bypass sensors and access a virtual keypad for the system. There will also be a list of recent system activities that have occurred.

Note: You will see mention of Tracking Modules in these screenshots. However, tracking features are no longer offered as a service.

You can click the button for any system to show more details for the selected system. This will reveal the system's address and city, the current status of all system partitions (if applicable), and all the modules set up with that system.

There will also be a blue Edit button that you can press to access the screen where you can configure the settings for that system. This is the same screen you would normally access if you clicked on the Locations tab in TC2 for an account that only had one location (system) set up.

Alternatively, you can also press the Expand All button from the Default View to show the expanded details for all the connected systems, rather than just a single one.

4. Navigate Device View. The Device View focuses on the automation devices you have set up at your different locations. This includes any Z-Wave devices you have paired with your systems, as well as any server integrations you may have completed for smart thermostats and/or smart garage door controllers. Similar to before, you can show more details for any given location by clicking its button, or you can show the details for all the locations at once by clicking the "Expand All" button. Clicking on the name for any location will take you to the screen where you can arm/disarm the system and its individual partitions, and also see system activities.

At the bottom of Device View, you will see the different automation devices that you can control. You can view the current settings or current status of the devices, and you can also configure their current settings. This is good if you want to quickly and conveniently perform automation tasks for your different Total Connect 2.0 locations.

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