How Do I Pair My Overhead Door™ with Total Connect 2.0?

To pair an Overhead Door™ with Total Connect 2.0, log into the TC2 app. Choose Devices, then click the three dots icon at the top right and select Add/Remove Devices. Enter the login information used for the OHD Anywhere® app and select the garage doors to pair.

All you need to set up this integration is an Overhead Door™ brand WIFI garage door opener, a connection to WIFI for the garage door and a Total Connect 2.0 account with the Smart Home plan. For Alarm Grid customers, that's a Silver (Self or Full) plan or higher. If you don't see any of the options mentioned in this FAQ, check with your alarm dealer to be sure your system has the correct permissions enabled.

To pair an Overhead Door™ brand WIFI garage door opener with your Total Connect 2.0 account, you'll need a login for the OHD Anywhere® app. This should be the same app you used to set up the garage door in the first place. If you haven't actually set up your garage door yet, it would be best if you download the OHD Anywhere® app, and follow the instructions for setting your garage door up for remote control. If you don't do that before you begin this process, you'll need to do so before you can complete it.

To integrate an Overhead Door™ brand WIFI garage door opener with Total Connect 2.0, follow these steps:

  1. Setup the garage door. Follow the Owner's Manual that came with your Overhead Door™ brand garage door with regard to connecting the garage door to WIFI and setting up the OHD Anywhere® app. We have the Destiny/Odyssey model Owner's Manual available on our site. The instructions for setting up OHD Anywhere® appear to be pretty much the same for all models. Make a note of the username and password you use in this setup.
  2. Begin the integration. Log into the Total Connect 2.0 app. Click the Devices option either at the bottom of the screen if you're using an iOS device, or by clicking the hamburger menu icon (≡) in the upper left of the Android app and tapping the Devices option. In Devices, click the 3 vertical dots icon in the upper right and select Add/Remove Devices.

  3. Choose Overhead Door. From the list of available integrations, choose Overhead Door (see first screenshot above). You'll be prompted with options of "Add New Overhead Door account" or "Link to Existing Overhead Door account". If you choose the "Add New..." option TC2 will attempt to launch the OHD Anywhere® app. If you don't currently have the app, you'll be taken to the app store so that you can download it. Once you do that, you'll then have to go through the steps to set up the OHD Anywhere® app, including creating a username and password. Once you've done that, return to Total Connect 2.0 and complete the setup as described below.

    If you choose "Link to Existing..." you'll be prompted to enter your existing OHD Anywhere® login credentials. Once you do, the TC2 server will verify those credentials with the OHD Anywhere® server and will bring up a list of your available garage doors. Select any and all garage doors that you want to be able to control through the TC2 app. When the process is complete, you will see a "Success" message, and the selected garage doors will now show up in the Devices screen in TC2.

  4. Enable User permissions. The master TC2 user will automatically have access to the garage doors. However, if there are secondary TC2 users who also need to control the doors, you will need to give them permission. After completing Step 5, go to the user profile for each TC2 user you want to give garage door access. Click on the blue user's name (this is a link). In the section titled "Access", be sure the profile has garage door control enabled, then click "Save". Do this for each secondary user you wish to provide access to the garage doors.
  5. Control the door. In the devices screen you'll see an icon for each garage door that you have access to. The current door status will be displayed. By tapping the icon for the garage door, you'll be able to toggle between an open and a closed state.

  6. How to delete. If you need to delete one or more garage doors from Total Connect 2.0, follow the steps above, but once you enter the login credentials for the OHD Anywhere® app deselect the garage door or doors you want to remove from Total Connect 2.0. You will receive a "Success" message and the garage door or doors you deselected will no longer show up in Devices within TC2.

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