How Do I Program a 5800PIR-RES to a Lyric Gateway?

By design, the Lyric Gateway has no programming access for end users. You will need an Alarmnet dealer to monitor the Lyric Gateway. They will be able to remotely access the system and execute zone programming. The 5800PIR-RES can be manually entered into zone programming or learned in.

For a security company to monitor the Lyric Gateway they must be an AlarmNet dealer. AlarmNet 360 is an alarm service platform created by Honeywell. The Gateway cannot be monitored by any other service. Your security company has to program in the device settings for the 5800PIR-RES. These settings include programming in the name and the devices operation. Check out the Lyric Controller if you want local access to installer programming tools.

Motion detectors have two device response settings that are used in most installations:

Interior Follower or Interior with Delay. Interior follower will have the motion be inactive when the system is armed in “Stay Mode” and be active in “Away Mode”. Interior with Delay gives the same operation except that the motion will be disabled during the Entry Delay. This setting should be used when the motion has an entry door in its detection field. When entering the home with the system armed through the entry door, the system will follow a timer before going into a full alarm letting a user disarm the system. Interior with Delay will have the motion follow the same delay. The Loop setting must be set to 1 as the motion will not function if it is not. You will also need to tell the monitoring company what the motion should be named as.

To have your security company remotely program the 5800PIR-RES, simply update them with the device's serial number (which can be found inside the unit on a sticker), that loop should be set to 1, whether the device should be set as an Interior Follower or Interior with Delay and the name of the unit.

To program a 5800PIR-RES to a Lyric Gateway with the learn feature, follow these steps:

1. Enable Learn mode on the Lyric Gateway.

The alarm monitoring company can access the system remotely and navigate to zone programming. After selecting the zone to use for the motion sensor, by clicking “Learn” on their end, the system will enter learn mode.

2. Activate the motion sensor.

The motion sensor can be activated by installing the battery and walking in front of the unit three times. This mode expires in 10 minutes. The sensors tamper button can also be activated by removing the cover. The sensor will need to be activated three times for the system to fully learn the device in. The monitoring company should have a window with an update on the sensors status and be able to confirm when it learns in successfully.

3. Update the alarm company with the sensors additional programming.

As stated before, you will need to update the security company with what you’d like the sensor named as, its device response setting and the loop number. To complete the install, it’s recommended to walk test the unit.

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