How do I program a 5800PIR-RES to a Lyric sec. system?

The Honeywell Lyric security system does support newer encrypted SiX series sensors but it is still backwards compatible with the popular line of 5800 series devices as well. The 5800PIR-RES is an extremely popular and versatile motion detector. It is a compact sensor and outfitted with excellent battery saving technologies to extend the battery life up to 10 years! There are a few different ways to program the PIR-RES to your Lyric Controller. First off, you can program the device locally on your Lyric touchscreen display or using Honeywell's AlarmNet service.

Just like a LYNX Touch series panel, the Lyric has local zone programming that allows installers and alarm owners to configure new sensors right at the system. This can be convenient if you are setting up your system in stages and have not enrolled in monitoring yet. The process for enrolling new 5800 series devices is essentially the same across all the different devices. You can use the auto-enrolling process or manually enter the serial number listed inside the device or on the box.

First you will enter programming mode: Security > Tools > Enter your installer code (4112 is default) > Program > Zones. Then select an open zone and click edit, or press Add New. Now press the serial number field so you can pair the device. At this point you can manually enter the 7 digit serial number listed on the motion, or you can auto-enroll. If you manually type in the serial number just be sure to confirm that the loop is set to 1. This will ensure the motion works properly. Next, you want to name the motion using Zone Description 1 and 2, so it reports its location when it trips.

Most motions should be set to "interior follower" or "interior w/ delay" so that they are automatically disabled when you arm Stay, but active when armed Away. If the motion is located near an entry point, where it may pick up motion before you disarm, you want to program it for interior w/ delay. Otherwise you want the motion set to interior follower. This way the motion will only allow a delay if an entry/exit door is opened before the detector senses motion. If the motion is tripped during away mode before a door is opened it will alarm instantly. You always want sensors to be supervised and set the alarm report option appropriately for your situation.

The auto-enrolling process works best with door/window contacts since they are easy to fault and restore several times. The "transmission lockout" feature on the 5800PIR-RES is designed to put it to sleep for 3 minutes after detecting motion, when the system is disarmed. This is a battery saving feature, and is a major factor as to why it will last up to 10 years on a single battery cycle. However it makes the auto-enrolling process a bit more difficult than a door or window sensor.

Because the 5800PIR-RES doesn't have a cover tamper, in order to auto-enroll the sensor, it is best to remove the battery, then replace it, powering the system down and back up. This will put the motion into test mode for 10 minutes. In test mode, the motion will transmit a signal every time it senses motion, and the LED will light, letting you know you've tripped it successfully.

While in test mode, simply wave your hand in front of the motion to activate it. You may have to do this a couple times for it to enroll into the panel. You will know it has worked when the serial number automatically populates on the screen. The loop number should automatically come up as 1, but make sure that it does. Then follow the steps mentioned above regarding the descriptors and zone type.

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