How Do I Program A 5820L Into A Honeywell Vista 128BPT?

The Honeywell Vista 128BPT supports up to 127 wireless zones when paired with a 5881ENHC RF Receiver, or an RF keypad.

Do not install the batteries in the 5820L transmitter until you are ready to enroll . After enrolling the transmitter, the battery need not be removed. This is to prevent enrolling the wrong serial number.

To enter the expert programming mode, enter the 4 digit installer code followed by [8] + [0] + [0] + [0] all in a row without pausing. Before programming your zones, do the following: Program field 2∗00: Number of Partitions. Enable your RF Receiver in Device Programming menu mode. To program zones, press ∗93 to display the "ZONE PROG?" prompt. Enter “0” (NO) to each prompt until the “EXPERT MODE” prompt appears. Press the number 1 to enter Expert mode. Set to confirm? will be displayed. Select “Yes,” confirmation prompts will be displayed after the device’s serial and loop number have been entered later. A summary display will appear, showing zone 1’s current programming or default values. Enter the 3-digit zone number to be programmed and press the star key [∗] to continue. Enter all zone information except for the loop number. The 5820L must be enrolled as input type 3, supervised RF. Now, manually enter the 7 digit serial number printed on a label on the 5820L transmitter, using the alpha keypad. Press the star [∗] key, the cursor will move to the “L” position. Loop number should be 1, edit if necessary (you can use the [A] key to move to the right or the [B] key to move to the left). When the loop number is 1, press the star [∗] key.

The prompt to confirm will be displayed. The system enters a confirmation mode so that the programmed input can be confirmed. Activate the loop input or button that corresponds to this zone. At any time during this step, you may press the star [∗] key on the keypad to save the serial and loop number combination without confirming.

After the 5820L transmitter has been programmed, enter 000 for the zone number to quit.

Exit the programming mode by using star (∗) 99. Using star (*) 99 will always allow re-entry into programming mode using the Installer code.

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