How do I Program Duress Codes on A Honeywell L5200?

A duress code is a different four (4) digit code from your user code. A duress code will disarm an alarm system without sounding the alarm and will send a silent (duress) signal to a monitoring station. When a duress signal is received by a monitoring station, they will not follow normal procedures and call to see if everything is alright, they will dispatch police immediately.

To program a duress code into the LYNX Touch 5200 security system, press “ More” on the system panel, then “ Tools”. Enter the four (4) digit Master Code. Press “Users”. Press “Duress” which is found on the left hand side of the screen. Press “Edit”. “Duress” will be on the top left hand side, touch “Duress” and a keyboard will appear. Key in any four (4) digit number of choice, making it different than any user code already programmed in the system. Make the code something easy to remember under stress.

After the code is entered, press “Done”, then “Save”. After saving, back out to your home screen.

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