How Do I Program Duress Codes On A Honeywell L7000?

To program a Duress Code in a Lynx Touch L7000, the system must be in a disarmed state. To get into programming, select the Security icon, then “more”. Now select the “Tools” icon. a keypad screen will auto populate. Enter the four (4) digit Master User Code. Select the “Users” icon. The system then will auto populate the Master user Screen. Select the “Add New” key. After selecting “Add New” the user screen. Select “Name” and a keyboard will auto populate. Select “Clear” and enter “Duress”. When finished, select “Done”, a keypad will auto populate, enter a four (4) digit Duress Code. It can be anything you would like, except an existing code. Make it something easy to remember during a stressful time. When completed entering the code press “Done”. This will automatically bring back the Users Programming Screen. The Duress displayed along with the four (4) digit number appearing in the User Code Field. Select “Save”.

A Duress Code feature is intended to be used in a situation when forced to disarm or arm the system by threat or when felt a life is in danger. When the Duress Code is used, the system will arm/disarm like normal, but will send a silent, duress signal to the monitoring company. This signal is high importance and the monitoring company will then call authorities without calling you first.

A Duress Code only works if being monitored and connected to a monitoring station.

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