How Do I Program A Honeywell 5800C2W To My L7000?

The Honeywell 5800C2W converts existing hardwired sensors to be compatible with LYNX Series Panels and VISTA Series Panels when the VISTA is paired with a wireless receiver or RF keypad).The 5800C2W is not for use to convert hardwired smoke and heat detectors. Learn to program a 5800C2W.

Honeywell 5800c2w hardwire to wireless system 9 zone conversion module

Once installed (please refer to the installation sheet for the 5800C2W), calibrate the module zone. The calibration process enables the 5800C2W to learn what zones will be activa what value EOL resistors are used for. Unused zones that are open will not be recognized or reported. On the top of the 5800C2W there will be 2 calibration buttons labeled SW1 and SW2. Click the top left button SW2. The indicator LED #1 will flash red for a half second then turn to a steady green. Once it turns to a steady green the 5800C2W is calibrated and now can be enrolled to the Lynx Touch L7000 control panel. If the 5800C2W loses AC and battery backup power, the zone calibration data is retained.

The 5800C2W is part of the Honeywell 5800 series devices and has it’s own unique 7 digit serial number. The 5800C2W has nine zones and each zone is automatically assigned thenext sequential serial number. All zones are Loop 1. Remember, unused zones are not reported or transmitted to the control panel.

Enter programming by selecting the Security icon, then more, than tools. Enter the installer code, 4112 on the displayed keypad and the installer Tools menu will appear. Select the Program icon. The panic button will be lit and the Home button will flash red and green. Select zones. Enroll the first zone as an "RF" type (supervised RF) device in the

control panel. Users can auto enroll the 5800C2W by tripping the zone. Once the zone is tripped, the led #4 will flash green to indicate the information has been sent to the control panel. In 2 seconds, the keypad should beep, then trip the zone again. Confirm the correct serial number has been enrolled. Repeat for each zone used.

Or manually enter the 5800C2W seven digit serial number. The 5800C2W supports up to 9 hardwired zones, for each zone used, increment in order the 7-digit serial number to determine the serial number for each zone.

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