How Do I Program A Honeywell 6160 Keypad?

Install a Honeywell 6160 keypad to the control panel's keypad terminals as shown in the installation manual.

Once installed, to enable the 6160 keypad, start by setting the address at the keypad. The main keypad address should be addressed to 16. The keypad's default address is 31. Each keypad must be assigned a unique address. Keypads programmed with the same address will provide unpredictable results.

To enter programming, enter the installer code (Honeywell's factory default installer code is 4112) followed by the numbers 800. Or power up the keypad and within 50 seconds of powering up, press the star (*) key and the pound (#) key at the same time, this method needs to be used if ✱98 was used to exit program mode.

Use data field *57 to program the 4 function keys on the right hand side known as A, B, C and D. These keys may be programmed for panic alarms, stay, away and other special functions. Function keys must be held down for 2 seconds to activate an alarm.

Use data fields *190-*196 to enable keypad addresses, assign a partition, and enable sound options.

Use fields *197, *198, and *199 to turn on a partition number display, exit time interval display, and select fail display mode.

Set keypad-related data fields: *21 Quick Arm Enable, *23 Forced Bypass, and *84 Auto Stay Arm.

Refer to the control panel's programming guide for the complete list of programming commands and explanations.

The Honeywell 6160 is an alphanumeric keypad and provides full functionality for programming and controlling a Honeywell Vista series hard-wired security system. The 6160 keypad has a 32 character display screen which features English status messages. Both the screen and the keys are backlit. The 6160 also has a speaker which will beep to indicate system status, entry/exit delay, or alarm situations.The Honeywell 6160 keypad is compatible with the Honeywell Vista series control panels.

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Quinn, no there is no volume adjustment available on the 6160. The 6160V has a voice volume adjustment, but even on those keypads, the piezo sounder for chime and other beeps can not be adjusted. I'm sorry.
Is it possible to adjust the volume of the chime, when arming the system?
Brad, a fault means the zone is open. Do you have a zone list to know which zone is located where? That way you can confirm which sensor are allocated to zones 2 and 8. It sounds like you just have two faulted zones. That means that you could have a door/window open or a motion detecting movement at the time you are looking at the keypad. If they are not true faults you could have a wiring issue. However since last time you had faults on 7 and 8 and now its 2 and 7 I assume these are just normal faults that require you to close a door/window or prevent movement in front of a motion.
I rebooted everything and now fault 02 to 08 read on the key pad...whats going on
So "fault 07" and "fault 08" simply means that the motions are picking up motion. I am guessing that someone in the space is tripping them when you are looking at the keypad. Do they constantly stay in this state? Are these motions able to pick you up while standing at the keypad?
Yes a motion with a zone 7 and 8 to the right...not slot 7 and 8
That means that zones 7 and 8 and faulted or open. Do you have anything wired to these zones in the panel cabinet?
I just installed a 6160 key pad and fault 07 and 08 appear reboot and stays there
Here is some info on changing the master code using the installer code: The battery lives in the metal cabinet with the control panel. Here is a replacement battery:
Thanks. I was able to reset the installer code, but when I went to reset the master code, it armed the system. I'll fool with it another day. I downloaded a Vista manual, but it doesn't explain where the battery is and how to replace it. That will be my next thing to research.
Hi Joe, Sounds like you need to "back door" your panel in order to get into programming. From there you can reset the installer code on the *20 field. Then you can use the installer code to reset the master code. Here are some videos that may be helpful. Backdoor method: Once you are in programming then you can reset the installer code so you do not have to use the backdoor method again: Lastly you can take the installer and manually reconfigure the master code. Follow this FAQ for details:
I wrote on this thread 4 months ago and stumbled onto it today. I don't know where I wrote down the master code. Where would I find it? There must have been a keypad sequence or something like that, because I know I didn't get it from the previous owners.
The 6160 is just the keypad, not the system. If you press and hold * and # without first power cycling the actual system, you will set off a panic alarm instead of going into programming mode. You need to locate the metal alarm cabinet that houses the actual green circuit board that the 6160 is wired back to. You should check your basement, laundry room, utility closet, etc for this control panel and once you locate it, if you can provide the 'WA' number from the PROM chip in the middle of the board, we can help you with the programming.
I just moved to this new home. I have a 6160 system. I wanted to programming it , and I used your recommendation by using backdoor pressing * and# , but the alarm went on. How can I stop the it or turn it off. I do not know the previous owner Master code
Well powering it off for any length of time won't change any of the programming and the chance of them using scheduling is slim so it would be better to just try to use the system for a day and see if there are any issues. Re-programming the entire system is a much bigger undertaking than tweaking settings that may be off.
Thanks for the reply. I didn't word my question well. I mentioned that the keypad shows the previous owner's name, so the system is still how they left it. It was powered off for months, I thought it might lose that information. I want to clear everything, in case they had schedules or other custom settings. I've left the panel unplugged in the meantime so we don't accidentally set off an alarm. I have the master code now, so I should be able to run through all of it and set it up the way I want.
You can certainly factory default the system but then none of the sensors/zones would be programmed anymore. A better option would be to just delete custom word 11 in the programming (detailed at the bottom of page 30 - ) so that the old owner's name no longer displays on the keypad but all the rest of the system programming stays in tact.
How do I factory default the system? The house I purchased has a Vista 20P alarm panel and 6160 keypad. When I power it on, their name shows, so I see the system hasn't defaulted despite being off for many months.
The chime feature can be toggled on and off by entering your Master Code + the 9 key. When the display shows 'Chime', the chime mode is currently toggled on.
Honeywell 6160 Keypad. What is the code to turn on and off the chimes for when a door or window is open?

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