How Do I Program A Lynx Plus L3000?

To program a Lynx Plus L3000 enter programming by entering the installer code, (Honeywell’s factory default installer code is 4112) followed by the numbers 800. OR enter the installer code (4112) followed by the numbers 888 to enter Voice Prompt Programming mode. The control panel will display “Entering Programming Mode”.

Once in Program mode, data field “20 Installer Code” will be displayed and both keypad LEDs will flash.

If entering the Voice Prompt Programming mode. “Pro” will be displayed and the system will announce “Programming, use arrows to scroll choices. Press select to accept, press escape to quit”.

Press the star key (*) plus the Field No. (example, *21) followed by an entry.

When a data field program is completed, the keypad will “beep” three times and will automatically display the next data field in sequence. To enter a different field, press the star (*) plus the field number.

Refer to the Lynx Plus L3000 Programming Guide for a complete list of programming menu.

To load the factory defaults, enter ✻97, then press number 1, 2, 3, or 4 to select from default tables 1-4, or press “0” if you are not selecting a default table. Refer to the Programming Default Tables section of this manual to view the tables.

To exit programming, press the star (*) followed by 98. This will exit programming mode and will allow re-entry into the Expert or Voice Prompt Programming modes using the installer code.

Entering star (*) plus 99, exits program mode and allows re-entry into the Expert Program mode using Installer Code (4112) + 800 or into the Voice Prompt Programming mode using Installer Code (4112) + 888.

After exiting program mode the system takes up to a minute to reset. To bypass the reset delay, press the pound key [#] plus the number 0.

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Also remember to assign the 5816s to loop 2 if you are using the magnet with the included reed switch.
If you selected a template when in programming then you already have "defaulted" the system back to one of the factory templates. You'll need to now program each sensor to the panel using the *56 zone programming menu.
I just bought a house that have Honeywell L3000 (at least it looks like, I do not know the difference with the Lynx version ad the L3000). Anyways, I did already change the mastercode and also I know the Installation code thanks to you guys. I would like to use this security system without any monthly payments with any companies basically, just a home security system. For some reason the only sensors that works at this moment is the froon door, when I tried to add the rear door sensor 5816 Door/Window Transmitter, the system tells me that I enrolled correctly but, when I exit from programming and I want to try it to see if it works (chime on), when you open the door there is no sound. Also, when I was just basically playing around with the L3000 I think I selected a different template and now not even the front door transmitter generates any sound. In addition to that, the L3000 does not respond to my mastercode anymore, it only has the red light on and this is why I just unplugged. Is there any way to restart the machine to factory default, I would like to add all the sensors one by one from scratch. Thanks for take your time reading my concern.

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