How do I program a SiXGB to a Lyric Gateway?

To add a SiXGB to a Gateway, an alarm company must monitor the system and enable learn mode, then the user can click the tamper button to activate the SiXGB and learn it into the system. If the device is new, pulling the battery tab will learn it into the system, this should take 20 seconds.

The Lyric Gateway was made to be monitored by an alarm company who is also a Honeywell Dealer. As long as the Gateway is powered up, and has an active communication path, the alarm company can remotely access the system and get into programming. The monitoring company needs to access the system for everything relating to programming on the system, including adding and removing security devices.

It’s recommended that the user notify their alarm monitoring company a few days before they plan on adding a SiXGB to a Gateway. This will give them time to make sure that an agent will be ready to login to the user's system, and help add the SiXGB to the system. If the SiXGB is new, the user should leave the battery tab installed in the device until their security company instructs them to remove it. The green LED on the front of the unit will quickly blink during the enrollment process. The green LED also indicates that the tamper button is activated with a slow blink. The red LED will quickly blink when it detects an alarm when the SiXGB is in test mode.

To add a SiXGB to a Lyric Gateway:

  1. Prepare the Gateway and SiXGB. The user will need to be onsite with the Lyric Gateway. The system will need to be powered up, and have one of its communication paths active. If the SiXGB is new, remove it from its packaging and have it waiting nearby.
  2. Contact your security company. Reach out to your security company and let them know that you’re ready to add the SiXGB to the Gateway. They will access programming remotely, and turn on learn mode. Next, click the tamper button on the SiXGB to activate it, and learn it into the system. If the SiXGB is new, pulling the battery tab will learn it into the system. While the SiXGB learns into the system, the green LED will quickly flash. This process takes about 20 seconds. When the green LED stays on for 3 seconds, it's indicating that the first part of its enrollment is successful. After the alarm company confirms that it's learned in, clicking the tamper button once more will confirm the learn process.
  3. Name and test the device. Let your security company know what you'd like the SiXGB to be named. This name will appear on the system's zone list, and it will appear if the SiXGB goes into alarm. It's recommended to test any new devices added to the system to confirm that they work. Let your alarm company know that you would like to test the device. They will put your monitoring account on test if needed.

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