How Do I Program a SiXPIR to the Lyric Gateway?

You can program a SiXPIR to the Lyric Gateway by contacting your alarm monitoring company and having them initiate learn mode on your Gateway system. Once the Lyric Gateway has been placed in enrollment mode, you will then be able to learn-in the SiXPIR device to the Lyric Gateway.

Devices cannot be programmed into a Lyric Gateway by end users. This is because the programming for the Lyric Gateway is only accessible remotely by alarm monitoring companies. Once the Lyric Gateway has been set into enrollment mode by your monitoring company, you can pair the SiXPIR by activating its tamper switch.

Complete the following steps to program a SiXPIR to the Lyric Gateway:

1. Prepare the Gateway. Make sure the Lyric Gateway is powered on and that it is connected to the network.

2. Contact your monitoring company. While on-site with both the Lyric Gateway and the SiXPIR device, call your alarm monitoring company and let them know that you would like to program your SiXPIR with your Lyric Gateway. Your alarm monitoring company will remotely access the system programming for the Gateway.

3. Learn-in the SiXPIR. The monitoring company will let you know when the Gateway is in learn mode. Trigger the SiXPIR by activating its tamper switch. Remove the back plate from the motion by pressing and holding the top button on the SiXPIR and then sliding the back plate up then away from the motion. The green LED light on the SiXPIR near the tamper switch will blink rapidly* as the device is being enrolled. Once complete, the green LED will remain steady for 3 seconds, then will begin to blink slowly. Fault the tamper again to complete pairing. The monitoring company will let you know when this process is completed.

Once the SiXPIR has been paired, you can tell your monitoring company what you would like to name the device.

4. Test the SiXPIR. If you have central station monitoring, make sure your alarm company puts the account on test before testing the device. Your security company will enable test mode for the unit and walk you through the testing process.

*If the SiXPIR's green LED does not blink rapidly when you first begin the pairing process, try defaulting the device. To default, remove the battery, press and hold the tamper switch down, then re-install the battery while holding the tamper switch. Once the SiXPIR powers up, release the tamper switch, then attempt enrollment again. If the green LED still does not flash rapidly, it means the SiXPIR has already been paired with a system.

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