How Do I Program a SiXSMOKE to a Lyric Gateway?

To program a SixSmoke sensor to a Lyric Gateway, you must contact your alarm monitoring company. This is because the Gateway does not allow user access to programming. Your alarm monitoring company can access system programming and initiate the process to learn the device into the system.

The Lyric Gateway is intentionally manufactured without any access to programming through the keypad. The system cannot be used as an alarm system without being monitored by a Honeywell compatible alarm monitoring company. Only the dealer will have access to programming. The system will need to be currently monitored and have an active Ethernet, WIFI or Cellular connection in order for its programming to be updated.

The easiest and most reliable way of programming a SiXSmoke detector to the Lyric Gateway is to learn the device into the system. A SiX Sensor can be auto-enrolled into the Gateway once the Gateway system has been put into learn mode. Once the Honeywell dealer has put the Lyric Gateway into "Learn Mode" simply pull the battery tab on the detector to have it power on and automatically pair with the alarm panel.

If the device was previously powered up, but not yet paired with the system, you can activate the device to learn it in. Once the alarm dealer has put the Lyric Gateway into learn mode for the zone in question, click the test switch located on the front of the smoke detector. The green led, visible on the front of the SiXSmoke, will begin to flash rapidly while the SiXSmoke is being paired with the system. When paired, the green LED will light for 3 seconds and the smoke will provide an audible chirp.

Below is a picture of the test button on a SixSmoke:

Complete the following steps to enroll a SiXSmoke with a Lyric Gateway:

  1. Have the SiXSmoke ready. Have the SiXSmoke out of the box and ready to be used. You will need to be onsite with the Lyric Gateway. The Gateway must be powered up and have an active Ethernet, WIFI or cellular connection.
  2. Learn-in the device. Contact your alarm monitoring company and let them know that you’re ready to add the SiXSmoke to the Gateway. They will login to the system and enable learn mode for the zone being programmed. Pull the battery tab on the smoke to turn it on and have it enter its enrollment mode. Alternatively, you can either click the test switch on the front of the detector, or remove the smoke detector from its base, if the battery tab has already been pulled. Your alarm monitoring company will be able to confirm when the device has been learned. Let them know what you would like the smoke to be named.
  3. Test the device. If your system is monitored, confirm with your monitoring company that your system is on test. With the system on test, you can test the smoke detector without worrying about the fire department being dispatched. Pressing the test button on the SiXSmoke will set off a fire alarm. The monitoring company can confirm that the alarm signal from the smoke was received by the central station. The smoke detector can also be tested by spraying canned smoke into the grills of the device.

    The heat detector can be tested using a standard hair dryer, held about twelve inches from the center of the detector with the heat setting on. Perform this test just long enough to activate the alarm. This option tests the rate-of-rise portion of the heat detector (temperature rises 15 degrees per minute). Be careful not to trip the fixed heat sensor (135 degrees Fahrenheit), as it will not reset.

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