Honeywell SIXSMOKE

Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector for Lyric Controller

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The SiXSMOKE is compatible with the Lyric Controller. Secured with military grade encryption and Honeywell's amazing brand and technology, this is the perfect sensor for your new Lyric.
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The Honeywell SiXSMOKE is a wireless, photoelectric smoke detector with integrated fixed and rate-of-rise heat detector. The heat detector is activated by either a temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit or greater, or a rise in temperature of 15 degrees Fahrenheit or more within one minute. The SiXSMOKE communicates to the Lyric Controller by way of Honeywell's new SiX Series encrypted wireless protocol, which uses AES 128 bit encryption for secure wireless communication.

The SiXSMOKE has a dual color LED and built in 85 dB sounder which convey status information. Upon initial power up, the LED lights green and does a slow flash for approximately 20 seconds, then it lights solid for 3 seconds and the sounder chirps (it exhibits this same behavior during enrollment into the Lyric Controller). During normal operation, the green LED will flash once every 10 seconds, or so. If the smoke is processing controller queries*, the LED alternates Green and Red flash, once every 10 seconds. The LED lights Red once every 5 seconds if the smoke needs maintenance, once every second along with the 85dB sounder in Temporal 3 (beep, beep, beep, pause, beep, beep, beep, pause) during a test alarm or a Smoke Alarm, once every 4 seconds along with the 85dB sounder in Temporal 3 for a Heat Alarm. The Red LED will light once every 45 seconds for a low battery condition. After 7 days, the sounder will also begin to chirp, and will continue until the batteries are replaced, or go dead. The SiXSMOKE requires 2 3V Lithium batteries. Replace with Duracell DL123 or DL123A, Honeywell 466, or Panasonic CR123A. A new feature of the Lyric Controller combined with the SiXSMOKE is "One-Go-All-Go" mode. With this mode enabled, if one SiXSMOKE detects smoke or heat and begins to sound, all SiXSMOKES in the system will also sound Temporal 3.

The SiXSMOKE can be put into test using the test switch on the unit, or via the Lyric Controller. You can test the heat detector using a hair dryer pointed at the center of the SiXSMOKE, 12 or more inches from the unit. This will test the rate-of-rise portion of the unit. Be careful not to activate the 135 degree fixed temperature detector, as these can not be reset. To properly test the smoke, use UL/ANSI approved canned smoke, and follow the directions provided with it.

*Processing Controller Queries includes sensor firmware updates, and wireless network information.


Unlike the 5800 Series 5808W3 which uses a single zone for both smoke and heat, the SiXSMOKE must be programmed as two different zones in order to use both the smoke and heat detection features. Enrolling the sensor to one zone with Device Type set to Smoke will only offer smoke protection. You need to enroll a second zone with the same device MAC address and use Device Type Heat for the heat detection to function. For best results, use the SiXProgramming feature.

Please read this important note regarding SiX Sensors and Lyric compatibility!

Brand: HoneywellResideo

Homekit will only show the Lyric controller as an accessory, not the security/life safety devices paired to it.
When this smoke detector is paired with the Lyric Controller does it show as a device/accessory in Apple HomeKit as a smoke detector?
Would love to see a SIX "combo" unit... we're doing a renovation which is requiring us to bring everything up to the most current codes. The fire department (reluctantly) signed off on an entirely wireless smoke system due to the one-go-all-go feature, but he wants the same for CO. So he's making us do a wired 110v CO system in addition; he won't accept the 5800 series CO or combo. Ugh.
You can either program the SiXSMOKE as a heat only detector or you could also use the 5809SS which is a heat only detector ( ). Do you have a Lyric Controller? If you do, you should take a look at our non contract monitoring plans ( ).
Hi. Is there a Lyric-compatible heat-only detector?
The SiX Smoke has a UL rating which gives it a wide range of installation application. One big case for wireless is that it can be much cheaper to install a wireless device as opposed to running a wire from the device to the panel. Yes, many new building structures do have wired smokes when they are created but in many instances a homeowner would want more smokes, or perhaps they're in a home that doesn't have any hardwired (or wireless) smokes installed.
Don't all structures built to code have wired detectors already? What's the use case for these wireless detectors? I suppose some people would like extra protection in specific areas but that seems like more of a fringe occurrence. I'd like to see Honeywell release a detector that replaces legacy wired detectors (leveraging existing power runs) and is able to able to communicate wirelessly with the security panel.
You are correct Nicholas. Generally we recommend heat only detectors for garage and attic spaces. You can certainly enroll just the heat detector zone to eliminate any false alarms with the smoke detector.
Is the SIXSMOKE the best option to use in a dusty location like an attic or garage? I believe I learned once that smoke detectors are not good to put in such places because the dust particles often trigger the alarm. Since the heat and smoke functions of this device report separately to the controller (since they have to be enrolled separately), I wonder if I could enroll just the heat portion and leave off the smoke detector. What's the best approach for attics and garages? Thank you in advance for your reply. - Nicholas
The 5800COMBOs don't support the One-Go-All-Go feature that the SiXSMOKEs offer but you can certainly use both sensors on the same system. If you already have the SiXSMOKEs and just need to add CO protection, the 5800CO would work as a CO detector as well.
Can I combine one or more sixsmokes with one or more 5800combos on a lyric controller? If I do, is it possible to to get the "one-go-all-go" combined across the two types, so that if a sixsmoke goes, then the 5800 combos also go (or vice-a-versa, if a 5800combo goes then the sixes also go)?
We're in the beta program now for the 5800COMBO which will be a wireless smoke/heat and CO detector. It's not a SiX device that would be encrypted to a Lyric system but it will work with all Honeywell wireless systems. The beta program is nearly complete so we'd expect it to be out in the next few months or so, if not sooner.
Are there any projections when Honeywell will have a combination SMOKE/CO sensor on the market?
If the LED is slow blinking (as opposed to the fast flash you would have seen when pairing the one that is working) it means it's enrolled into another Lyric panel already and wasn't properly deleted from that panel. We've seen sensors from Honeywell arrive like this and the only thing you can do is return it to them under warranty replacement. You'll have to go through the company that sold you the sensor. I don't see your email in our system but if you ordered from us using an alternate email please email and we'll gladly help you out.
I've got two of these - one enrolled with no issues, but the other one does not cooperate. I've tried pulling the batteries out and putting them back in, with no success. Under normal circumstances, the green LED will flash once every few seconds. I pull the batteries out, then I put the controller in auto-enroll mode. I put the batteries back into the detector, and it goes straight into flashing once every few seconds. Even pressing the activate button seems to have no effect. So I went to enroll manually. I entered the MAC as the serial number, saved my prefs, and I get the red message to activate by entering the serial or by activating the alarm. Once again, pressing the button does not work. The other one enrolls just fine - even unenrolled and reenrolled. I'm at a loss. Please help!
Per Honeywell, there is no specified limit to the life expectancy of this device, it should be tested regularly for proper operation. I believe the 10 year life expectancy was more for the Ionization style smokes, than for the photoelectric style.
Is the average life expectancy 10 years like normal residential alarms? I can't find any documentation on this except for average battery life.
We're glad you like our information and we hadn't ever seen the Roost so we appreciate you putting that out there for others that may want a solution like that.
This is why I like alarmgrid, you guys are super responsive and give more solutions than the mfr. In this solution safety is paramount and the takeover module can integrate older devices and circuits without rewiring. My post was merely a solution to take a cheaper smoke/Co device that gets 9v battery changeout and get longer life and a cheaper way to get the notification immediately out of the house to your phone in near real time. Thanks for putting this solution up.
I'm not sure how Roost would help as he's trying to tie in his existing smoke detectors into a monitored solution. It seems the Roost can send you direct alerts but won't tie in with a monitored alarm system.
Roost? Wont work with Honeywell system but can reduce costs
No, this won't integrate with wired devices or be tripped by other wired devices, but the FF345 sure will -
Does this have a hardwired option? My house has about 6 smoke detectors and 3 CO detectors all hardwired together. If one unit goes off then they all will have a chain reaction. If this is not hardwired I assume they cannot communicate with my other detectors. This would mean I'd have to spend about $500 to replace every detector in my house... which realistically won't happen.
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