How Do I Program an Encore FireFighter FF345?

You can program an Encore FireFighter FF345 by putting the alarm control panel into its wireless enrollment mode and then activating the learn button on the circuit board for the FF345. You must then configure the wireless zone settings for the FF345 and save the programming changes.

Encore firefighter ff345 circular smoke detector takeover moduleThe FF345 is a life-safety sensor take-over module that allows a user to integrate existing hardwired life-safety devices with a 345 MHz wireless system. The device listens for the unique temporal sound of an activated life-safety sensor. The FF345 will send a wireless alert to the alarm control panel when it detects this type of sound. Some of the systems compatible with the FF345 include the Honeywell Lyric Controller, the Honeywell LYNX Touch Systems, the 2GIG Systems and the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 Plus with Legacy Honeywell/2GIG Daughtercard.

The exact steps for learning-in an FF345 will depend on what type of panel is being used. Each panel has its own unique set of programming steps, and the user must follow these steps to enroll the sensor. Please refer to your panel's programming guide or installation guide for more information. The process will also depend on whether your FF345 is a 1st generation model or a later model. The 1st generation FF345 is rectangular in shape, while the later models are round. Finally, the zone settings will vary depending on whether the device monitoring is a smoke detector or a carbon monoxide sensor.

Complete the following steps to program an Encore FireFighter FF345:

1. Open zone programming. Follow the necessary steps to access zone programming on the panel. This will usually require providing the Installer Code for the system. For reference, the default Installer Code for a Honeywell System is usually 4112, while the default Installer Code for a 2GIG System is usually 1561.

2. Enroll the sensor. Choose an available wireless zone on the system. Then locate the sub-field for Serial Number. Select this field to put the panel into its wireless enrollment mode. Then open up the FF345 and use the learn button to auto-enroll the device. Do not confuse the learn button with the larger tamper switch that is directly next to it. If you are enrolling for fire detection, simply press and release the learn button for each transmission. If you are enrolling for CO detection, press and hold the learn button for a few seconds before releasing. You may have to do this a few times for the auto-enrollment process to complete. The panel will confirm after the sensor has been enrolled. Do not use the tamper switch to enroll the sensor!

Please note that the Serial Number that is programmed will depend on whether the sensor is used for fire detection or CO detection. Fire detection uses the Serial Number that is listed on the sensor. CO detection uses the same Serial Number, except one digit higher. So if the main Serial Number for fire detection is 1234567, then the Serial Number for CO detection will be 123568.

The learn button on a 1st generation FF345 can be seen in the following picture:

3. Configure the settings. After auto-enrolling the sensor, you should be taken back to the main programming screen for that zone. You will then need to go through and configure the settings. This process will depend on the panel type, how the sensor is being used and whether the FF345 is a 1st generation model or a later model. Entering the correct settings is very important for ensuring proper device operation.

For a 1st generation FF345 (rectangle sensor), Loop Number 2 is used for both fire and CO detection. For later FF345 models (round sensor) both fire and CO detection use Loop 1. Remember, the Serial Number sets the device for either fire or CO. The Device Type should be set to "Fire" or "Carbon Monoxide Detector" depending upon the device's operation. The Response Type should be set accordingly as well. Alarm Report should be set to "Yes".

Please note that there are other zone settings that must be adjusted as well. But the ones listed above are the most important. For more information on programming, please refer to the specific instructions for your alarm control panel.

4. Save the changes. Make sure to save and apply the changes when finished. The sensor will need to be installed within 6 inches of the existing smoke detector or carbon monoxide sensor for proper operation. Make sure the sounder for the smoke detector or carbon monoxide sensor is facing the listener on the FF345.

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