How Do I Program the Follow Me Feature in a Honeywell L3000?

You can program the Follow Me feature in a Honeywell L3000 through system programming. This process is completed using the *46 command. You must then enter in the phone number that will be used with the Follow Me feature. Finally, you must assign an option for the Follow Me feature to use.

The Follow Me feature on the Honeywell L3000 allows the panel to directly call a phone number and provide a verbal update of selected system events. Although the Follow Me function requires an active phone line to be connected to the system, it does not require the system to be monitored.

Complete the following steps to program the Follow Me feature on a Honeywell L3000 security system:

1. Access system programming. System programming on the Honeywell L3000 can be accessed in one of two ways. The first way is to enter [Installer Code] + [8] + [00]. You can also power the system down and then press and hold the [*] and [#] keys within 50 seconds of powering it back up.

2. Program the feature. Enter [*46], followed by the phone number that you want the L3000 to call. Be sure to include 1 before the area code if necessary. Press [*] after the final digit of the phone number to end the entry. Enter [*49], and then select an option for the Follow Me feature to use. Options 10, 12 and 13 will include a voice update of quick arming, Compass remote-arming, scheduled arming, any arming by users 5 through 8, and any key fob arming. When entering any of these options, you must enter [#] + [Option Number] - i.e., #10. After entering in the option you should hear a triple beep to indicate the entry was accepted.

The table below shows the options that are available for the Follow Me feature:

Option 10
Sends a voice update about alarms, arms/disarms and trouble information.
Option 11
Sends a voice update about alarms and troubles.
Option 12
Operates exactly the same as option 10.
Option 13
Sends a voice update about arms/disarms.

3. Test the feature. Enter [*99] to exit programming. If option 10, 12 or 13 was selected, the system will send an update to the Follow Me number when the system is armed or disarmed. If option 11 was selected, an alarm or trouble will need to be triggered in order for the Follow Me function to operate. Keep in mind that any button presses at the panel will stop the Follow Me function from being completed. When the phone is answered, any entry on the phone will also act as an acknowledgement of the message. This will cause the panel to hang up. Make sure to not press any buttons so that the entire message can be played.

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