How Do I Properly Close the Qolsys IQ Panel 2?

You can properly close the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 by positioning the top tabs first, then clicking bottom tabs into place, and lastly making sure the upper tabs are secured. The panel is rather tricky to close, so it's only recommended that you open the panel up if absolutely necessary.

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When the Qolsys IQ Panel 2 is opened, it will make a strange noise every half hour to alert the user. The purpose of this noise is to let the user know that the panel is open so that they know to close it properly. However, many users struggle to close the panel properly. Some users will simply live with the sound, or they will disable the panel tamper cover feature within the Security & Arming Menu. We recommend trying to close the panel if possible.

Complete the following steps to properly close the Qolsys IQ Panel 2:

1. Position the top tabs. There are four (4) tabs on the top of the IQ Panel 2. Hold the front of the panel at a 45 degree angle from its back portion. Wiggle the top of the panel so that the tabs are positioned properly. Continue to the next step once the tabs are aligned.

2. Secure the lower portion. With the upper tabs aligned, click the bottom portion into place. There are two (2) lower tabs, and you should get a locking sound for both of them.

3. Secure the top tabs. Squeeze the upper tabs against the back plate. All four (4) tabs should click into place. There should be no visible openings around the panel, and all four upper tabs should be locked and secured.

Many users simply cannot get the IQ Panel 2 to close. There may be one stubborn tab that will not close no matter what the user does. If you simply cannot get the panel to close, then you may want to just disable the tamper cover so that the reoccurring strange noise stops. Complete the following steps to disable the IQ Panel 2 tamper cover:

1. Access Security & Arming. Start from the main screen of the IQ Panel 2. Click the small grey bar at the top. Select Settings > Advanced Settings > Installer Code (default 1111) > Installation > Security & Arming. You will access the Security & Arming Menu.

2. Disable panel tamper cover. Find the option called Panel Tamper. Uncheck the box next to the option to disable the feature. The box should not have a green checkmark in it. This indicates that the feature is disabled.

3. Return to home screen. Press the picture of the house at the bottom of the screen to return to the home screen. The change will be automatically saved.

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This information should tell the manufacturer that the panel is really badly designed. I cannot get my panel to close properly even following this instruction. The top tabs are simply not built well enough with enough of a catch to hold them in place. Very poor design.

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