How Do I Reset a 6280 Keypad?

You can reset 6280 Keypad by determining the type of reset to perform and then executing the reset by following the necessary steps. There are two types of resets that can be performed on a Honeywell 6280. These are a reboot reset and a factory reset. Both types follow a specific process.

Honeywell 6280 talking color graphic touchscreen alarm keypadNote: The pictures from here on out were all taken from a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Keypad. However, the general processes and principles should be exactly the same on a Honeywell 6280.

Reboot Reset

A reboot reset will simply power cycle the Honeywell 6280 Keypad. All its settings and configurations will be retained. This can be a good troubleshooting step if the keypad is not working properly. Sometimes a reboot will put the keypad back into proper working order.

You can perform a reboot in one of two ways. The easiest method is to press and hold the reset button on the back of the 6280. This button is found underneath the message LED light on the back side. You should use a thin object to press and hold the button until the reset goes through. A paperclip or a thumbtack should work just fine.

You can also perform a reboot by selecting the appropriate menu option. This is accomplished by completing the following steps:

1. Open Advanced Settings. Begin from the 6280 main screen. Select the Settings Icon (the wrench and screwdriver) in the lower-left corner of the screen. Choose System. Then choose Advanced Setup.

You must provide the Installer Code to get into Advanced Settings. If the 6280 is not paired with a VISTA System, then the default Installer Code is 4140. If it is paired, then it will use the programmed Installer Code for the panel. This code is 4112 by default. In most cases, 4140 or 4112 will grant you access.

You will enter Advanced Settings after providing a valid code.

2. Reset the keypad. Select the option for Keypad Reset in the center. Confirm the reset by selecting Yes.

3. Confirm the reset. The 6280 Keypad should begin its power cycle process. This will take a few moments to complete. When the keypad powers back up, all of its settings and configurations should be retained.

Factory Reset

A factory reset will wipe all settings and configurations from the 6280 and restore them to the factory default. It will be as though you are starting with a brand-new 6280 Keypad. This is a good option if you are taking over an old 6280 and you want to configure it from scratch. Remember, the entire keypad will need to be reprogrammed.

Complete the following steps to perform a factory reset on a Honeywell 6280 Keypad:

1. Access Advanced Settings. Start from the 6280 main screen. Press the Settings Icon, which is the button with the wrench and screwdriver in the bottom-left corner. Then choose System, followed by Advanced Setup.

To continue, you must provide the valid Installer Code. If the 6280 has not been paired with a VISTA Panel, then it is probably at its default of 4140. If it has been paired with a VISTA, them it will use the same Installer Code as the panel. The default Installer Code for a Honeywell VISTA System is usually 4112. Most users should find that either 4140 or 4112 will work.

You will open the Advanced Settings Menu after providing a valid code.

2. Perform the factory default. Press the Factory Default button on the left side of the screen. They keypad will ask you to confirm. Click Yes. The factory default process will begin.

3. Confirm the default. It will take a few moments for the defaulting process to complete. The keypad will perform a power cycle during this time. When it boots back up, all of its settings and configurations should be reset to factory default.

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