How Do I Reset A Lyric Security System Installer Code?

Initially a Honeywell Lyric Controller is preprogrammed with Honeywell’s default Installer Code of 4112. To reset the Installer Code, users must enter the Installer Programming menu in the system.

To enter Installer Code programming, select the Security icon from the home screen.

Next, select the Tools icon.

A keypad will display, enter the existing installer code or 4112. Select Program. If this is the correct code, the system will enter programming and System Programming will be displayed. Users will also see the Panic button lit and the Home button will flash red and green.

There will be a list of options.

Select Installer Code option found on the right hand side and the system will advance to this option.

The current installer code will be displayed on the left hand side.

Select Clear and enter the new 4 digit installer code. The system will now display the new installer code on the left hand side.

Select Done when completed.

Press the return key to exit programming or press the Home icon to return to the Home screen.

The Installer Code is the only code that can be used for programming new devices.

Users should not be concerned with keeping the Installer Code the factory default code. The Installer Code cannot disarm the system if it was not used to arm the system or if the system was armed by a Quick Arm button.

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