How Do I Reset the Installer Code on a 2Gig Go!Control?

You can reset the installer code on a 2Gig Go!Control by performing a hard reset of the system. By doing this, you will restore all codes and panel configurations to factory default. Unfortunately, doing this will also cause you to lose any zone configurations that have been set up.

The default installer code for the 2GIG GC2 panel is 1561. If you are unable to access the Installer Toolbox, and the default installer code is not working, you can perform a hard reset to restore the installer code to default. To do this, press and hold the + and Home buttons on the front of the panel, while also applying power to the control panel by plugging in the AC transformer with its battery disconnected. You may need to hold the buttons down for up to 45 seconds for the reset to go through.

If the reset was successful, you will now be able to access the Installer Toolbox using the default installer code of 1561. The default master code will be set to 1111. All regular user codes will need to be reprogrammed. It is important to remember that you should never use the installer code to arm or disarm the panel. Instead, the installer code should only be used for accessing system programming, and the master code or a user code should be used for arming and disarming.

Most users are fine with keeping the installer code to its default of 1561. This is because the code is rarely used, and keeping it at the default is not a security risk. If you do decide to change the installer code for any reason, make sure to choose a four-digit code that is easy to remember and not the same as any existing code. You may want to write it down and keep it somewhere safe for later.

The video below will show you how to change the installer code on a 2GIG GC2.

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I have emailed Slomin’s about it
You should reach out to Slomin's Shield for that information as that's something we won't have.
I have a slomins 2gig and i have just purchased a new door sensor which i wish to add, what is the slomin’s shield 2gig installer code?
Can you check with the previous owner to find out what the master code is? There's really not a back door into programming on those panels. If you can't find the code, you could sign up for monitoring with a company like Alarm Grid, with no contract, get your codes straightened out, then cancel service, though by that time, you may decide you like having it.
I bought a house that has the 2gig panel. How do I go about accessing it in order to just use it without paying for monthly monitoring? I just want to mainly set it to secure the house when we go to bed at night.
The 2GIG system can interface with Z-Wave thermostats and be controlled from the main box without monitoring and without a cellular communicator installed. The thermostat simply need to be learned in via the automation menu. If you have the GC2, it will be located under Services > Z-Wave. If you have the GC3, it will be under the Smart Home Configuration menu.
I had forgotten my security code and had a new 2GIG Nortek system installed hoping to be able to change my thermostat from the main box but I was told that in order to do that ,,,I would have to purchase a Sim card ...and then I could control the thermostat's from my I-phone. That's a nice feature but I feel it is not needed. The installer told me that it was necessary to have the sim card to run the thermostats from the main box....and only if I purchased a monitoring service! Is that true? (The previous owner had a service but cancelled it when we purchased the house.) Although we didn't have a contract we were able to change any thermostat from the main box, which is what I would like to do now and not from my I-phone!
Have you checked out the comment below from Brayden? It might be possible both of you were experiencing the same issue if resetting the panel is not working for you.
I performed the hard reset and the installer codes don't work . What else can I try ?
If you have to factory reset the panel back to default, then yes. Is your system monitored, or do you plan to have it monitored? If you have, or add, a communicator, and you can get it registered, a monitoring company should be able to reset the Installer Code for you once its registered. You can email for more information.
If I have to hard reset the control panel does that involve reprogramming every device?
Yes, works with the new 2Gig GC3 panel as well as other brand panels as well. Their website should list all compatible panels but we only sell the 2Gig ones currently.
Darn. Ok. Thanks for the help! I would like to consider for monitoring my parents home so i will look into that. Are there other panels that work with
You can check with Vivint but from experience, I'd say you're out of luck and should return the system to your seller.
I am planning on using it for just local monitoring. Is there any way I can get them reset without having to pay for a monitoring thing?
That certainly looks like a GoControl. It's possible Vivint has something special setup in programming to prevent the panel default. Are you planning to get monitoring service for the system? If so, you can order one of the Go!Control modules available at and sign up for service with us using one of our no-contract plans available at and we'd then be able to change your codes for you remotely.
Looks exactly like this though
branded 2Gig GoControl panel. I can send a picture when I get off work today
Is is the Vivint Sky panel or a branded 2Gig GoControl panel? Are you able to submit a picture of the unit?
Vivint is the company that has there sticker on the panel
Hmm was this panel installed by VIVINT? Is there any proprietary branding on it?
I keep holding it down until the alarm turns back on all the way and gives me a message saying disarmed
How long are you holding them down? Try holding them longer and see what happens.
The panel resets but none of its programing defaults, none of the codes reset...nothing ...
What happens when you try defaulting the panel?
HELP! I cant manage to access the programing or anything. I got this from ebay and I have all the codes but when I get on now the programing codes are changed and I cant do the Factory reset like this artical is saying
Thank you for replying. I'll work on that and check back with you.
Unfortunately, if the system is armed now and you don't know any of the codes to disarm it, you'll have to contact the old owners to see if they can provide you with their code. You can't reset the installer code with the system armed. Another option is to activate the cellular communicator (or add a cellular communicator and activate it) as we can remotely re-program the codes once we activate the communicator.
Can you help me sir? I moved into my new home and the original owners had a 2Gig system (white control panel). I managed to "Arm" the system for local use of the alarm feature, but I don't have the codes, other than the default toolbox codes. What must I do to unlock this system and get monitoring for my home?
If the system is currently armed, you won't be able to reset the installer code until you disarm the system first. Did you try disarming with the default master code of 1111? If that doesn't work and you don't know your Installer Code or your Master Code, you should contact your eBay seller to see if they can tell you what the codes are programmed to now.
hello, please help me out! we have bought a used 2gig gc2 from ebay, it didn't come together with keyfob, we decided to reset it as we don't know the code to enter toolbox, i did what is told in this article but the system light up with its home screen and the system is ARMED!!! what can i do now?
Thank you.
We do offer that system online at as well as it's newer version (the GC3) at
I did and they told me to take a hike. Thank you for your time.
Okay, your best bet is to contact Protection One and demand they unlock your system then.
At this time we are looking at local programming only. We may monitor if my wife will want the option
You just have to pop the panel open to check inside. Are you looking for a new monitoring provider or do you just want access to local programming?
I would have no idea. I assume so because there aren't any phone wires coming from the box.
Do you have an cellular module installed? If so, another company (including us) should be able to activate the communicator and then change your installer code remotely for you.
Protection One. I was able to reset the panel but I cannot access the programming portion to reconnect all the sensors. Both 1561 or 1111 codes won't work. Should I just buy a new panel?
Do you know who was monitoring the system previously? They may have the factory default process locked out on your system.
I have a 2gig cp81 345e panel. The previous owner did not leave any information. Tried holding + and home button but nothing happened. System is not armed, battery is disconnected. Any thoughts?
Are you holding the buttons down while plugging in AC power?
I have a panel that is not armed but I can not get into programming and I can't default it by holding the panic + home buttons down. I'll hold them down for a couple of minutes and it still does nothing, after booting the panel back up with the battery disconnected. Any help?
Yes, the master code will be reset upon factory default.
That's what I figured. Thanks for the quick response! The old remote is out of the question since the widowed previous owner is still, for all intents and purposes, in the process of grieving and my realtor insinuated she doesn't want to be bothered which I can understand. I didn't want to press the issue so I have a wall ornament now.
Ah, it sounds like your issue is that the system is currently armed so the panel isn't defaulting. As a security measure, this process only works with the system disarmed. I'm sure you wouldn't want someone to be able to just enter your home and press two buttons on your armed system to reset it back to factory default. You're going to have to see if you can get the old remote key fob to get the system disarmed if you don't have access to the Master Code to disarm the system. Your other option is to just get a new control panel ( ) which would be compatible with all of your current sensors.
I pressed the +, which is the Emergency button, simultaneously with the Home button while I plugged up the unit to the wall. As per your instructions, the battery was unplugged from the unit. I sat there holding both buttons on the unit for around 5-6 min before I finally let them go and the panel eventually lit up and said that it was armed. I can't tell you how many times I've inadvertently set this alarm off.
Can you explain where in the process it broke down for you?
This did NOT work at all on my system as it still remains armed, which is why I have to keep it unplugged. This really sucks because I've been in this house since last June and I haven't been able to enjoy this alarm since I realized I didn't have the unlock code. The previous owner was a couple wherein the husband was an electrician and died with the code in his memory as they used a remote to unlock it. And the wife has no idea what the code is! I refuse to go with another alarm company, especially ADT as they were absolutely relentless at hounding and harassing me until I called the police on them and contacted their CEO on Twitter! I guess it will continue to remain a wall decoration until I get it sorted out on my own. I just want to use the feature that says which door or window is open. :(