How Do I Set My LiftMaster MyQ Garage Door Up For WIFI?

There are two (2) options for connecting a MyQ enabled garage door to WIFI. When integrating with Total Connect 2.0, it can be setup using the MyQ app. When integrating with, you cannot use the app. You must use a smart device to connect the device to WIFI via

LiftMaster, and its sister brand Chamberlain, use MyQ technology to bring customers control of their garage doors from anywhere. They have built this technology into many of their newer garage doors. They have even built add-on modules that can be used with garage door openers without MyQ built-in.

When it comes to adding your garage door to your monitored account, there are some do's and don'ts. All depending on which remote access platform you are using. Both Total Connect 2.0 and have the ability to integrate MyQ garage door controllers.

Total Connect 2.0

When you use Resideo's Total Connect 2.0 service, and your plan has automation enabled, you can integrate your MyQ device into the TC2 App. This is a cloud-to-cloud integration between the Total Connect and MyQ servers. When using TC2, you want to use the MyQ app to setup and connect your MyQ-enabled device to WIFI.

To connect the MyQ enabled device to WIFI using the MyQ app, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to MyQ app. Make sure you have downloaded the MyQ app and created a login. The app is available for iPhone and Android. Then, using your newly created credentials, log in to the MyQ app.

2. Navigate to device setup. If you have no existing devices, it will direct you to select the desired device to set up.

If you have existing devices, you will select your initials at the top left of the screen. Then choose Device Management. Then click the "+" at the top right of the screen. Then select the device you will be setting up.

3. Follow the wizard to complete the setup. It will begin by providing a "What you need" list. This varies depending on the device you are setting up. Make sure you have everything, mark it off, and click I'm Ready. The app will walk you through everything needed to complete the entire setup including, connecting your device to WIFI, pairing door sensors, and pairing to garage door opener (if needed).

When using's remote services with an automation plan, verify the 'Garage Door & Gate Control feature' and the 'LiftMaster Integration' are both enabled by your dealer. To be able to add a MyQ-enabled device to your account, the device CANNOT BE ENROLLED INTO THE MYQ APP.

Naturally, the first thing you do with a MyQ-enabled device is to download the MyQ app and set it up. Unfortunately, this step must be omitted when wanting to connect your device to It will not register in the environment if it exists in the MyQ environment. If your device is already included in the MyQ app, the device must be factory defaulted. See LiftMaster/Chamberlain instructions to factory reset your specific model. Then, manually connect to WIFI without the use of the MyQ app. This will require a smartphone or tablet.

To connect the device manually to WIFI, follow the steps below:

1. Put in learn mode. With the MyQ enabled device factory defaulted, follow the instructions for your model to be put into Learn Mode. For the add-on hub, this happens automatically after a default or upon initial power up and is indicated by a blue blinking LED.

2. Connect to MyQ network. You will need to grab a smartphone or tablet. Go into the smart device's WIFI settings. Then you should see a network being broadcast that contains the name MyQ. Typically, it will end with the last few digits of the MyQ device's serial number. In our case, the broadcast network name is MyQ-91B. 91B being the last three (3) digits of the MyQ Hub's serial number.

3. Connect the device to WIFI. Once connected to the MyQ network, open a browser window and type in the web address ''.

This will bring up a setup wizard that will walk you through the remaining steps. Hit 'Start' to begin. It will next populate all available in-range WIFI networks. Choose your personal network. You will next be prompted to enter the WIFI password for your network. The MyQ Device will then attempt to connect to your home network.

If successful, you are ready to add the MyQ garage door to your account. This part cannot be done through the app and must instead be done using the customer website. If this step fails, default the MyQ device and try again, ensuring your WIFI signal strength is good.

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