How do I set the duress code on my Honeywell L5100?

A duress code is a code that can be used in a high stress situation where you want to call the police, but may not be in a situation where that is simple to do. For example, if a burglar tells you at gunpoint to disarm the panel, using the duress code, you can disarm the panel, while still informing the central station that the police need to be dispatched. Just a quick sidenote, in order to take advantage of the duress code feature on your home security system, you will need to be signed up for Alarm Grid's basic monitoring or monitoring plus+ service.

On the LYNX 5100, setting the duress code is very simple. Just follow the following instructions. If you don't like reading, there is a little video below all this that you can watch instead.

From the home screen press More. Then click Tools. On the screen that pops up, enter your master code. On the user screen, click on the user icon. Then click duress. Click edit. Duress will be user code 16. Then set your duress code. Click done. Click save. Hit the back arrow until you get to the home page.

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