How Do I Set The Timer On A Honeywell 6160 Keypad?

Honeywell’s Vista control panels come pre programmed with an Entry delay. This delay allows users to enter the protected space and provides time to get to the keypad to disarm the alarm. It’s the same for Exiting the premise. The control panel can be programmed up to 120 seconds (2 minutes) for an Exit delay and up to 240 seconds (4 minutes) for an Entry delay. The delay times can be programmed and adjusted by going into programming.

Enter programming by entering the Installer Code on the 6160 keypad, followed by the numbers 800. Honeywell’s factory default installer code is 4112.

Enter star (*)34 to advance to the Exit Delay programming field. Enter the amount of time for the delay. Users can enter any number of seconds from 00-96 seconds. After 96, the only option is to enter the number 97, this will provide 120 seconds.

To program Entry Delay (enter programming) and enter star (*)35. Enter any number of seconds from 00-96, after that your only choices are: 97=120 seconds, 98=180 seconds and 99=240 seconds.

When the system is armed, it will provide beeps as a countdown during entry and exit times. If the alarm system is not disarmed during this delay the system will go into alarm.

Delays are extended in entry to allow users time to put down any carriable items before the alarm sounds.

The 6160 keypad is an alphanumeric keypad that is compatible with most Honeywell hardwired control panels and Honeywell Vista control panels. The 6160 is a primary keypad and users can access *56 programming. The 6160 will provide a 2 line, 32 character display which makes programming easy to read.

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What alarm system do you have? We need to know the model number of the alarm control panel you have to be able to help.
I tried to set up my delay setting on my Honeywell keypad using star 34 then it says to enter the number for the amount of time you want after I put these numbers it did nothing except beep once then the screen registered numbers in the top left-hand corner and no AC in the top right-hand corner what should I do now?

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