How Do I Set Up Deako Lighting In

Once an electrician installs your Deako Smart Devices, create a Deako account and add your lights to that account. Once done, log into the app, go to More (≡) > + Add Device > Lighting & Appliance Control > Deako Smart Device. Use your Deako credentials to connect, then Authorize.

Deako sells switches, dimmers, and plugs in both simple and smart versions. The simple versions don't support remote control while the smart versions can be controlled through Bluetooth or WIFI. It's through WIFI that the Deako Smart Devices can integrate with There are a few requirements for this integration.


  • Compatible Mobile Versions:
    • iOS device with firmware version 8.0+.
    • Android device with firmware version 2.1+.
    • mobile app version 4.10.4+.
  • Must have the current version of the Deako mobile app.
  • Must have at least one WIFI-enabled Deako Smart Device (e.g., Deako Connect, Deako second-gen Smart Switch, etc.)
  • The account must have the Light & Thermostat Bundle or Lights service package add-on.

By integrating Deako Smart Devices with, the user can manually control lights, dimmers, and switches remotely through the app. They can also automate these same devices with Rules, Scenes, and Schedules.

To Integrate Deako Smart Devices with Follow These Steps:

  1. Install Deako Smart Devices. It is important to have a qualified electrician install high-voltage electrical products in your home. Once the Smart Switch, Dimmer, or Plug is installed, follow the instructions from Deako for getting the devices connected to WIFI.

    Deako devices use Bluetooth to communicate with each other, and with the Deako app. To have remote access, either through the Deako app or through, one of the WIFI-capable Deako devices becomes a WIFI bridge. Through this device, you are then able to control any of the other Deako devices on your network. You'll go through this whole setup process using the Deako app.

  2. Add your Deako devices to Log into the app and tap the More (≡) icon. Next, tap + Add Device. From the website log in, then go to Settings > Manage Devices > Add Device: App: Website:

  3. Select Deako Smart Device. From this step forward, the screens appear the same in the app as they do on the Website, so we will only show the app screens here. In the Add Device screen, choose Lighting and Appliance Control > Deako Smart Device:

  4. Enter your credentials. Tap "Next" and when prompted, click "Continue." Go to the Deako website and log in as you normally would. You will be asked to authorize access for

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