How do I setup a hardwire zone on Honeywell L5200?

Honeywell's wireless alarm system, the LYNX Touch L5200, supports 64 security zones. Zone 1 is allocated to the one and only hardwired zone. Since there is no auxiliary power supply the wired zone will only support a wired door/window contact.

First power down the panel. After you connect one end of your 2 conductor cable to the contact you can run the wire through the back plate of the L5200. Then, land the other end on the internal screw terminals labeled 'HWZ' (Hard Wired Zone) and 'GND' (Ground). The positive (red) wire will land on HWZ and the negative (black) wire is connected to the GND terminal between the TRIG and HWZ terminals.

**If you want to supervise the line then wire the included 2K ohm resistor in series. This means connect the positive directly to the HWZ terminal. Then connect the negative to one end of the resistor and land the other end of the resistor to the GND port described above. **

After you have completed your wiring reconnect the battery followed by AC power. When the panel boots backs up and is ready to arm, enter panel programming and select zone 1 (Security > More > Tools > Installer Code (Default is 4112) > Program > Zones > Select zone 1 (1. New) > Click Edit).

Add a zone description to offer location details of the wired zone. Set the device type to a door or window depending on what type of sensor you installed. Set the response type based on how the zone will be used. If it is a door that will be used to enter/exit the home when the system is armed then choose 'entry/exit 1.' If it is a zone that you would like to trip the alarm immediately then set it to 'perimeter.' Always set supervision to Yes. Select a chime if desired. Lastly, you will need decide if you want to supervise the wired zone.

If you wired a resistor in series with the wired loop then set the supervision to 'End of Line.' If you did not use a resistor, most wired contacts are normally closed (NC) so you can set the supervision to 'Normal-Closed.' Make sure to SAVE all changes and back out of programming to the home screen. Now you can test and make sure that the wired zone is issuing faults when opened.

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