How Do I Shut Off a Honeywell Smoke Alarm?

You can shut off a Honeywell Smoke Alarm by performing a double disarm at the panel or keypad. The first disarm will stop the sound, and the second will clear the fire alarm. The smoke detector will need to have the smoke cleared from its detection chamber before double disarming.

Honeywell 5808w3 wireless smoke and heat detector

When a smoke detector activates on a Honeywell Alarm System, the system will go into a fire alarm. You will need to perform a double disarm to clear the alarm. Disarming the first time will get the smoke detector and/or the panel to stop sounding. However, the system will still display an alarm condition. You will need to perform the second disarm to clear the alarm from the system.

Please note that the alarm condition will remain and the alarm will keep sounding if there is still smoke in the detection chamber when you go to perform the double disarm. Also, you must make sure that the smoke detector has been set up with the system correctly. If you have a wired smoke detector that is set up incorrectly, then performing a double disarm may not stop the device from sounding. This is because the smoke detector must be wired correctly for the panel to properly reset the device. But as long as the sensor is wired correctly using the proper equipment, a double disarm should stop the sound and clear the alarm.

Complete the following steps to clear a fire alarm on your Honeywell System:

1. Wait for smoke clearing. The detection chamber of the smoke detector must be free of any smoke before you can clear a fire alarm. If there is still smoke in the area, wait for it to go away. If the building is still on fire, contact your local fire department before trying to restore your security system.

2. Perform a disarm. Perform a disarm at your panel or keypad. The process for doing this will depend on whether your Honeywell System is wireless or hardwired. A disarm can be performed on a wireless Honeywell Panel by pressing the Home button on the front of the panel and then entering your Master Code. A disarm can be performed on a hardwired Honeywell Panel by entering [Master Code] + [1] on your keypad. The first disarm should stop the sound from your smoke detector and/or panel.

3. Disarm again. Repeat Step 2 by following the exact same process. This second disarm is referred to as a double disarm. The alarm should clear after the double disarm.

If the sound persists or the alarm does not clear, make sure that the smoke has fully cleared from the detection chamber of your smoke detector. Also, if you are using wired smoke detectors, make sure that they are set up with the system correctly. A 4-wire smoke detector can usually only be reset using a power relay. A 2-wire smoke detector can be reset by the panel when used at a designated 2-wire smoke detector zone, which is Zone 1 on a Honeywell VISTA System.

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