How Do I Test the ESL 521BXT for Smoke Detection?

To test a 521BXT for smoke detection, direct canned smoke into the vents of the device. By doing this, you should trigger an alarm and demonstrate that the smoke detection function of the 521BXT is working properly. A loud siren will indicate that the smoke detection test was successful.

It is very important that users test the smoke detection function of their ESL 521BXT smoke and heat detector at least once per year in order to ensure the proper operation of the device. We recommend using SDI SOLOA4 canned smoke to conduct the smoke detection test.

Complete the following steps to test the smoke detection function of the ESL 521BXT:

1. Power on the detector. A solid LED light on the detector will indicate that it is turned on. If the device is not powered on, make sure that the wires attached to the device have been connected properly and that the detector has been set up with the security panel.

2. Release the canned smoke. Hold the canned smoke a few inches away from the 521BXT when releasing the canned smoke. Try to aim the smoke into the vents of the detector for the best possible results.

The picture below shows where the vents are located on the detector:

3. Trigger the alarm. Continue shooting the canned smoke into the vents of the detector until an alarm occurs. This will indicate a successful test. If no alarm occurs after 20 seconds, then the device is not working properly.

4. Reset the detector. Clear any messages on the security panel to reset the detector. This can be done by disarming the panel twice using any active user code.

If the ESL 521BXT fails the smoke detection test, it may be necessary to clean the detector in order to improve its sensitivity.

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